Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mine for yours: I got bored and antsy one day recently and decided to revise my all-time favorite songs list off the top of my head and in completely random order and then I put it here.

Sebadoh ‘Brand New Love’
Brecht/Weill ‘Song of the Insufficiency of Human Endeavor’
Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band ‘Big Eyed Beans from Venus’
Leonard Cohen ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’
The Ramones ‘I Don’t Wanna Go Down to the Basement’
Dwight Twilley Band ‘Looking for the Magic’
Spirit ‘Aren’t You Glad’
Pinback ‘Talby’
Destroyer ‘An Actor Seeks Revenge’
Brian Eno ‘The True Wheel’
Wire ‘Mr. Marx’s Table’
Fugazi ‘Rend It’
The Shangri-Las “Past, Present, Future’
Tobin Sprout ‘The Last Man Well Known to Kingpin’
The Quick ‘Madchen Mania’
The Kinks ‘Wicked Annabella’
Swervedriver ‘Rave Down’
Sonic Youth ‘Schizophrenia’
Moonface 'Marimba and Shit Drums'
Alexander O’Neal ‘Criticize’
Guided by Voices ‘Best of Jill Hives’
The Replacements ‘Color Me Impressed’
Randy Newman ‘Marie’
Death Grips 'Get Got'
Velvet Underground ‘White Light/White Heat’
Neil Young ‘Tired Eyes’
David Ackles ‘Montana Song’
Laura Nyro ‘Captain St. Lucifer’
Pink Floyd ‘Lucifer Sam’
Sunn0))) 'It took the night to believe'
Superchunk ‘The First Part’
Drive Like Jehu ‘Here Come the Rome Plows’
Jefferson Airplane 'Watch Her Ride'
Broken Social Scene 'Anthems For A Seventeen-Year Old Girl'
My Bloody Valentine ‘Cigarettes in Your Bed’
Pavement ‘Starlings in the Slipstream’
Bow Wow Wow ‘Chihuahua’
ABBA ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’
Xiu Xiu ‘Blacks’
Donovan ‘Epistle to Dippy’
Soft Cell ‘Say Hello, Wave Goodbye’
XTC ‘Rocket in a Bottle’
Gram Parsons ‘1000 Wedding’
The Melvins ‘Joan of Arc’
The New Pornographers ‘Use It’
Van Dyke Parks ‘The All Golden’
Ladytron ‘Destroy Everything You Touch’
Var ‘Pictures of Today/Victorial’
Tricky ‘Diss Never (Dig Up We History)’
Super Furry Animals 'Run! Christian Run!'
Kevin Ayers 'Oleh Oleh Bandu Bandong'
The Cure ‘Strange Day’
The Move ‘Tonight’
Sparks ‘Mickey Mouse’
The Breeders ‘Doe’
Echo & the Bunnymen ‘Villiers Terrace’
Andy Pratt ‘Inside Me Wants Out’
The Byrds ‘I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better’
Husker Du ‘Divide and Conquer’
Weezer ‘Holiday’
SOS Band ‘Be Good to Me’
Public Enemy ‘Bring the Noise’
The Supremes ‘You Keep Me Hanging On’
Magazine ‘The Light Pours Out of Me’
Pete Shelley ‘XL1’
Cheap Trick ‘Auf Wiedersen’
Mission of Burma ‘Academy Fight Song’
Bjork ‘Hyperballad’
Nick Drake ‘Black Dog’
Siouxie & the Banshees ‘Skin’
The Dickies ‘Fan Mail’
The Weirdos ’Neutron Bomb’
The Assembly 'Never Never'
Wall of Voodoo ‘Factory’
Ride ‘Vapour Trail’
New York Dolls 'Personality Crisis'
Love ‘August’
Serge Lama ‘Je Suis Malade’
Blur ‘This Is a Low’
Silverchair ’Tuna in the Brine’
Nirvana ‘Heart Shaped Box’
Robert Wyatt ‘Alifib’
Lush ‘De-Luxe’
Buffy Sainte-Marie ‘Poppies’
Alice Cooper ‘Halo of Flies’
The Three O’Clock ‘Fall to the Ground’
Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac’ Green Manalishi’
Cat Power ‘Crossbones Style’
Deerhunter ‘Helicopter’
The Bee Gees ‘Holiday’
Gang of Four ‘I Found That Essence Rare’
Morrissey 'Last of the Famous International Playboys'
The Left Banke ‘Shadows Breaking Over My Head’
Swans ‘Weakling’
Butthole Surfers ‘U.S.S.A’
Roxy Music "Mother of Pearl'
Rob Zombie ’Superbeast’
Loudon Wainwright III ‘Kick in the Head’
The Rolling Stones ‘We Love You’
The Fall ‘Carry Bag Man’
Mad River ‘The War Goes On’
The Jesus and Mary Chain ‘The Hardest Walk’
Tim Buckley ‘Pleasant Street’
Roky Erickson Two Headed Dog’
Drunken Boat ‘Pool’
The Buck Pets ’Song for Louise Post’
10cc 'Somewhere in Hollywood'
Richard Hell ‘Love Comes in Spurts’
Pixies ‘Gigantic’
Young Marble Giants ‘Wurlitzer Jukebox’
Robert Pollard ‘White Gloves Come Off’
The Who ‘I Can See for Miles’
Peaches 'Rock Show'
John Cale ‘Engine’
Lou Reed ‘Sad Song’
Codeine 'jr'
Buffalo Springfield ‘Expecting to Fly’
Tom Waits ‘God’s Away on Business’
Nina Simone ‘Pirate Jenny’
Elvis Costello 'Riot Act'
Flipper 'Way of the World'
Elliott Smith 'Everything Means Nothing to Me'
Om 'Annapurna'
Sir Mix A Lot 'Baby's Got Back'


p.s. Hey. Don't think you're expected to rattle off 80-something favorite songs, or any number of them, if you don't want to, but if you feel like doing a tit for tat and posting a favorite song or bunch of songs, that would be cool. ** Nicki, Hi. 'Batshit crazy' is such a strange phrase. I wonder how that happened. Glad you liked the post and share a position in the ticklish popping thing. Thank you! ** Kier, Hi, K. Popping bubble wrap is even better than chewing your fingernails. Bubble wrap is like a playground for adults or something. Painting, very cool! I felt really bad for those tiny frogs for a minute there. It must be so intense to be so dependent on the weather. How was 'Marat/Sade' for you? When I saw it ages ago, I sort of didn't like it all that much, which surprised me, but I don't remember why. Maybe I thought it was too much like a filmed play or something? Maybe I wouldn't mind that now. Maybe the word Sade in the title got me too excited? Maybe that wouldn't be an issue now. 'Harvestmen', wow, that's their common name? That's really interesting. They can swallow chunks of food? Wow. I mean, they're so incredibly delicate and fragile that it seems like they could only eat air or something. That's so interesting. I think I'm going to spy on the next one that calls my bathroom home. Thank you, pal. My Monday was all right. I ran errands mostly, and, what else, oh, I hung out with Kiddiepunk and Oscar B, who were just back from vacation. The casting call thing on Facebook has been kind of a bust. I'm surprised. I thought it would work, but not really. But we have a couple of possibly really good possibilities from elsewhere that we'll try out/talk to/audition as soon as Zac gets back. Oh, thank you for the pink/hearts/bubbles! That was beautiful! It still is! How was Tuesday up there where you are? ** Kyler, Hi. I've been wrapping birthday presents, so bubble wrap has been at the fore of consciousness for me as well. I'm really glad to hear your book is finding such excellent shelves and getting props from your 'nearest and dearest'. ** Tosh Berman, Ditto, I mean me too. I don't know about pimples, though. Maybe. Yeah, maybe. Ha ha, no, I don't think Bowie and Iman were referring to me, but what a lovely idea. He did look in my eyes for a fraction of a second and squint as though something might be familiar in my eyes or something. Bowie/me collab? Uh, I don't know, Tosh. I've just suddenly realized that there's no Bowie song in my favorite songs list up there. Huh. I suppose if he suggested such an idea, I would consider it very, very seriously. I do think a little outside interference from the right person at this point in his music making trajectory wouldn't hurt him. Okay, I'd be down for that if were down for a Ferry/Berman collab, and, correct me if I'm wrong, but I know you would be? ** Sypha, Yep. Keyboard of the gods. Thrilled and fascinated to get and see your Suzanne Vega Day. Thank you, James. You rule. Sorry about the publisher's. I hope the next one bites like Dracula. ** Damien Ark, Hi, Damien. Always excellent to see you! I know, right? About the ASMR. I thought it was weird that a couple of them were made/offered as a New Age stress relief ambient thing. I thought the sound was totally stressful in a really good way. Where are you going to college? Are you excited about that? Will you be studying writing? The kind of subject matter you deal with, and, you know, me too, does make it hard for anyone else to edit. I never get edited or barely. I just learned self-editing from reading books and trying to imitate their tightness or something. Thanks, man. Yeah, I honestly don't know how I do all the stuff I do. It's weird. I have weird energy or something. Have an excellent Tuesday! ** Etc etc etc, Hey, Casey. Ooh, bubble wrap in which each bubble is a tiny snow globe. That is a genius idea right there. Hemingway Paris stuff. There must be a bunch of that. But, yeah, it could be that the spots are touristed up since even tourists who don't read books or care about literature are into seeing Hemingway's old haunts. Like all the people who don't really know anything about art or care about art very much flocking to the Picasso museum or something. Yeah, it'll be nice in any case. I can give you what tips and directives I have on Paris literary locales if you want. I haven't read Roth in a million years. Love Gaddis top to bottom, though. Of very late, I haven't been reading as much, but this week I'm going to start some new stuff. I'm currently, slowly reading the forthcoming Blake Butler novel '300,000,000', which is phenomenal. The authors I propped on Dazed are awesome, yeah. I hope all stuff in your head and world is progressing too. What did you do of note or even not of note on this hopefully fine Tuesday? ** Bill, Thank you. I do my best, ha ha. Those tortes look delicious. Wow. The second looks maybe a little dry in the photo, but I like my tortes moist. I'm a moist pastry kind of guy most of the time. There must be a Viennese style patisserie here. Maybe while I'm running around today I'll find one and eat a torte. I think the first one, if they have it. Yum. ** Keaton, They do seem magical. They seem like they defy the laws of physics or something. And they seem like they're too fragile to have survived this long in the evolutionary pool. I've only been to Petit Palace once. I can't even remember it. I remember there's a big central courtyard where you can smoke. It must be hard to be the Petit Palais, its entrance staring forever, day and night, at the so much more impressive entrance of the Grand Palais. You're rereading the underage classics. That's an interesting strategy. That might just work. Tot ziens! ** Steevee, No, I haven't seen 'Gerontophilia'. It's hard for me to get it up to see his films, but I always do eventually. Well, it was a hit relative to his other films. It seems like his 'Mysterious Skin' move, although I can't imagine it being anywhere as good as 'MS'. Tell me what you thought. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben! ** Misanthrope, I think I'm like you, But I think I always leave a few prisoners. Karma or something. Yeah, it makes utter and duh sense that a football player's brain would be a lot more wrecked than a swimmer's. Another reason to add to my many reasons why I can't stand American football. They say people break their toes, or the little ones at least, all the time and have no idea they have. I bet you just broke yours, for example. ** MyNeighbourJohnTurtorro, Hey, man! I've never met anyone who doesn't like bubble wrap. I've met people who like it 'too much'. But, while making that post, I did learn that there's a bubble rap phobia that is not massively uncommon. Polystyrene, eh? *Evil laugh* Nah, I'll try to avoid a post on said substance if it is humanly possible. Casting call is going but with difficulty, but it's going, and it'll be okay, and maybe even okay very soon if we're very lucky. No, as I told Kier, the Facebook shout out was kind of a total waste of time, or so far at least. The music role is definitely the hardest. Zac and I have to put our heads together and get that figured out somehow really, really soon. I like Lower, yeah. I like the new album. I haven't listened to it all that much, though. It's growing on me. The slicker, more overtly pop thing is becoming less problematic for me with every spin. Yeah, new Iceage album is due before the end of the year. New music ... nothing too brand new since my last gig post. I think I like the new UltraMantis Black, but, no nothing brand spanking new that I can crow about today. The Shabazz Palaces is kind of ruling my ears at the moment. Bon day to you sir! ** Postitbreakup, Hi, Josh. Do they still make new 'Silent Hill' games. I'm so, so out of the loop on video games these days, it's scary. I'm sorry you're in that mood. Familiarity does not lessen its impact. You should totally suss a way to write about it. It could be your writing's calling card, or one of them. It could be, like, your 'rimming'. Ha ha. Feel better, my pal! ** Okay. The favorite songs thing is the thing of today, and that's that. See you tomorrow.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sealed Air Day

'Bubble wrap was invented in 1957 by engineers Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes in Hawthorne, New Jersey, USA. Fielding and Chavannes sealed two shower curtains together, creating a smattering of air bubbles, which they originally tried to sell as wallpaper. When the product turned out to be unsuccessful as wallpaper, the team marketed it as greenhouse insulation. Although Bubble Wrap was branded by Sealed Air Corporation (founded by Fielding and Chavannes) in 1960, it was not until a year later that its use in protective packaging was discovered. As a packaging material, Bubble Wrap's first client was IBM, which used the product to protect the IBM 1401 computer during shipment.

'Fifty years later, Sealed Air has global revenues of more than $4 billion. Office Depot, for example, sells enough bubble each year to wrap around the Earth. Twice. "It seems like every day there's something new being done with bubble wrap," said Rohn Shellenberger, the company's business manager for air cellular products. "It's exploded since the year 2000. This whole phenomenon taking off has been a big surprise." Sealed Air's 100,000-square-foot warehouse, just off Interstate 80 about 15 miles west of Manhattan, is an obsessive-compulsive's dream, with row upon row of stacked rolls of Bubble Wrap as big as seven feet in diameter.

'The temperature is sweat-inducing, caused by the machines that process millions of granules of resin (one box is labeled "Munchy Resin") into clear plastic sheets at temperatures up to 560 degrees. Shellenberger pops one myth about Bubble Wrap; namely, that air is injected into all those tiny bubbles. Instead, it is trapped between the sheets after they pass over several rollers, one of which creates the indentations for the bubbles.

'Two apparently disparate forces conspired to shape Bubble Wrap's growth: The advent of the transistor — and later the personal computer with all its accessories — which made the shipping of delicate electronic components a multibillion-dollar industry; and the Internet, which provided a forum for fanatics to swap stories and cement Bubble Wrap as a cultural icon. "The act of popping Bubble Wrap is a little indulgence in some small act of destruction that is neither dangerous nor offensive," said Arthur Gallego, vice president of LaForce and Stevens, a marketing and trend firm in New York City. "It's mindless."' -- collaged


The Bubble Wrap Competition for Young Inventors
'let the hours waste away with the PERPETUAL BUBBLEWRAP!'
bubble wrap @ Sealed Air
Virtual bubble wrap simulator
Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
Bubble Wrap Maniac
Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Guiness World Records: Most People Popping Bubble Wrap
'Exam stress tackled by bubble wrap'
'How to Make a Bubble Wrap Storm Window'
Bubble Wrap Calendar
'The Stretchy Membrane That Could Replace Bubble Wrap'
'Stay Away from Foil-Faced Bubble Wrap'
bradley hart's injected bubble wrap paintings'
The Bubble Wrap Gene
The Official Bubble Wrap Club


ASMR Sounds - ASMR Bubble wrap - Bubble wrap sound effect

Binaural Recording (3D sound in headphones): Bubble Wrap and Scissors

Popping Bubble Wrap ~ Sounds by Sophie (Relaxing ASMR trigger sounds)

Sound of bubble wrap ASMR




New York artist uses bubble wrap to create works of art

How to use bubble wrap to insulate windows

Is It A Good Idea To Microwave Bubble Wrap?

Infinite Bubble Wrap Keychain Review (Mugen Puchi Puchi)

Destruction Boy: Bubble Wrap like a boss with a steam roller

How to add texture to your painting using bubble wrap

Bubble Wrap Hip-Hop-Pop

Bubble Wrap Machine


p.s. Hey. ** Thomas Moronic, So weird when that happens. No, you're the best! ** Kier, Hi, K. Yeah, I don't know 'Friday Night Lights', but that Riggins guy actually looks kind of like Elias, which is weird. An exclamation mark! That sucks and is kind of spectacular at the same time. I'm glad you're off work, duh, and now you have a week to chill, make art, and, like, do whatever you please that doesn't require too much arms usage, yeah? Did the arboretum live up to your preexisting love for it? Cool. Last night I was taking a walk down around Republique and, first, I ran into the great American theorist Avital Ronell, who's here in Paris briefly, and then, when I was walking in the general direction of home, taking a short/long cut down a small street, I crossed paths with David Bowie and Iman walking in the opposite direction. As I passed them, Bowie was saying, 'It isn't. It really isn't', and then she said, 'It is, David.' About what, I don't know. But, for a banal second, I wondered if they were talking about the just media-exploded Susan Sarandon reveal about her old affair with him, which made me feel media-exploded and gross. ** Steevee, The cynicism is really strange and based in something really unpleasant and just not good at all, I agree. ** Misanthrope, So, do swimmers have a uncommonly high tendency to get brain problems when they're older like boxers do? So getting a concussion is like breaking your little toe? I read somewhere at some point that people break their little toes all the time, several times a year at least on average. Shit, sorry big time about the allergy attack. Allergies are the devil's B.O. Nice reading you've got going on there, man, duh. ** Jeffrey Coleman, Hi, Jeff! Hitler, ha ha. Oh, right, I saw that about the rediscovered copies. I should forefront that. You did a nice job, so I'll copy and paste your version. Thanks! Everyone, Mr, Jeffrey Coleman brought up something this weekend that may be of interest maybe, so I'll let him do it right here on the front page. Here's Jeffrey: 'I don't know if anyone mentioned this here yet, but Infinity Land Press recently got ahold of 8 copies of Dennis' 'Gone' that they thought were lost. They're selling 5 for the reduced price of £25 since they got a bit damaged in the mail (I imagine they can send you pictures, what I've seen doesn't look that bad), and 3 for the standard price of £35, since those are in good condition. (They mentioned it on their Facebook page a few hours ago as of this posting, I don't know how many, if any, are left now, so cross your fingers and get one quick if you want it.) When you order at their site, you send them a message to reserve a copy before they charge you (probably to sort out shipping), so mention which price you want in the message box that comes up when you click 'BUY' there.' Thanks a lot for doing that, Jeff! ** David Ehrenstein, Hi, sir. I didn't know about the Pet Shop Boys opera. Huh, I wonder how that'll pan out. And thanks for the link, which I'll ... Everyone, here's an Alan Turing-related tip for you from Mr. E. in his own words: 'Here's a link to a TV adaptation of Hugh Whitmore's play Breaking the Code with Derek Jacobi as Turning. Much too sentimental for my taste with next to nothing about his work. But Jacobi does a climactic scene with Harold Pinter playing a high-ranking official that's really something to see. Pinter started out as an actor and his instincts on that score never left him.' ** Grant maierhofer, Hey there, Grant. The Body and Thou together and live, shit, nice. Very cool thank you for the link to the excerpt. Let me share it pronto. Everyone, an awesome opportunity for you to read an excerpt from 'Erasure III', a new fiction thing by the mega-scribe Grant Maierhofer, exists courtesy of the wise site/journal Everyday Genius, and, wow, you should really take full advantage. Really. Here. Looking forward to it greatly, man. ** Damien Ark, Hey, Damien. Sweetness to see your words and brain here! Yeah, poor Robin, it's true. It's my fault, of course, but it couldn't be helped somehow, I guess. Thank you really a lot for the kind words. 'Hogg', wow, yeah, I've read it, and that's quite the comparison and compliment, man, thank you! How and what are you doing? ** Aaron Mirkin, Hi, Aaron. Wonderful about the Richings post, thank you so very much. Yeah, sympathy and gotcha and emotion melding for sure. I wish I had a secret for dealing with it. I guess if I did, I wouldn't write about it. No, I'm left with my hope that writing will sort it out. I guess that's the only secret. 'Try and be OK', yeah. I wish there was a better and more secret method than that. I haven't read 'Crazy House' yet, no, sadly, as I've been too 'do' and too 'think about do' oriented of late. I will asap. Novels do help exorcise emotional stuff, and films must works the same way. Ongoing hugs, man. ** Bill, Hungarian pastries! What is their unique, Hungarian quality or essence or whatever? The 'ruined pubs' sound beautiful. I don't know much of anything about Budapest other than that it's a teeming hot bed of escorts. But you're with your family, so ... ha ha. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Huh, I guess I really need and want to see that ABBA transformation. I'll put it first in my post-p.s queue. Thank you! ** Keaton, I think so. I mean, aren't they? They look like ghosty, elongated spiders. I like them. When they hang out in places I live, I always feel very protective of them. I would even feed them if I knew what they ate. No, don't like cockroaches. Too many horrible infestations over the course. I hope you found your way back into the library without undo incident. ** Chris Dankland, Hi, Chris! Thank you again so much. I had such a blast poring over and shoveling through all that amazing stuff. Thank you. Dazed Digital is being so incredibly on the ball and supportive of the best things these past weeks. It's very, very heartening. I hope your running around turned up everything you wanted it to. I'm good. Hope you are too at the very least. ** Sypha, Hi, James. Suzanne Vega Day! Cool! She's someone whom I definitely need to know a lot more about than I have known and currently do. Thank you so much! ** With that, that has happened. Today's post is one of those ... I don't know, infestations of a random tight focus by me on an ongoing interest or fetish or something, but I'm hardly alone, from what I discovered along the way. See you tomorrow.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Chris Dankland presents ... I learned about all of these artists and art projects by aimlessly scrolling through tumblr

I learned about all of these artists and art projects by aimlessly scrolling through tumblr

this is a series of essays about tumblr and the art world, all taken from http://hyperallergic.com/tumblrart/

  1. Revisiting Tumblr as Art” by Ben Valentine
  2. The Social Ties that Unbind” by An Xiao
  3. Tell Me About Your Mother’s Tumblr” by G.H. Hovagimyan
  4. Selling Out: The Impact of Corporate Social Media Space on Art” by Kyle Chayka
  5. The Teen-Girl Tumblr Aesthetic” by Alicia Eler and Kate Durbin
  6. On Coffee Houses, Salons, and the Post Arts” by Man Bartlett
  7. The Problem with Tumblr and Photography” by Jörg Colberg
  8. The Measure Of Success: Making Art in the ‘Like’ Economy” by Julia Kaganskiy
  9. Our Reblogs, Ourselves” by Jillian Steinhauer
  10. Organizing the World” by Giampaolo Bianconi
  11. Tumblr, Art, and Web 2.0 Ecologies: The Medium Is Still the Message” by Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint
  12. The Way We Share: Transparency in Curatorial Practice” by Lindsay Howard

David OReilly



Petra Cortright

antipet 1



.*` .* ;`*,`., `, ,`.*.*. *.*` .* ;`*,`., `, ,`.*.*. *.*` .* ;`*,`., `, ,`.*.*. *

Francoise Gamma

The Jogging

download this pdf of essays by Brad Troemel here

Catterpillar Looking At Weed, 2014


Concealed Carry Corn Dog, 2014

Starbucks vs. DEA, 2014

we should go to cinderella on broadway, 2014

Dorito Dust on Paper

Trollin The Masses, 2014

BEEZIN, 2014

N.S. teens say beezin is 'weird', doctors say it can be risky

Joe Hamilton


(the art is best viewed by clicking the link above)


(the art is best viewed by clicking on the link above)

'Kandinsky In A Rave On Acid' by Yya


'The Internet Keeps Feeding Ya!' by Ole Fach


'Graven Gestalt' by Mitch Posada


p.s. Hey. The spectacular writer, Alt Lit Gossip editor, artist, d.l. and more Chris Dankland shares a whole bunch of super interesting art he found via tumblr with us this weekend, and you're going to have a lot of fun and learn stuff, so do that, won't you, and maybe talk to Chris about your findings? Cool. Thank you, and thank you vastly, Chris! ** Thomas Moronic, Hi, T. Oh, I got your post thing. It'll become a public thing on the magic, agreed-upon date, thank you, buddy. It's looks amazing. The film is getting sorted in his own weird, wending way, yes, thank you! Linkage! Everyone, the exacting Thomas Moronic shares a couple of sweet links. First, he interviewed contemporary maestro Michael 'Kiddiepunk' Salerno about Michael's great first feature film, 'Silence', over at Fanzine. A must. And, must #2, the saintly and super wise writer and Alt Lit arbiter Beach Sloth reviewed Thomas's novel 'A Certain Kind of Light' over on BS's crucial blog, and you want to read that. Swell weekend to you, Thomas! ** David Ehrenstein, He is tops: Mr. Lonsdale. I see him walking around in Paris all the time. Yeah, there were no clips from 'Gebbo and the Shadow'. Otherwise, it would have been in the list. Thank you. ** MyNeighbourJohnTurtorro, Hey! Oh, then can I call you Huseyiny? Thanks about the gig. Yeah, The Austerity Program, I know. I only found them myself recently. No, but I'll go hear the clipping. album today for sure. Your tips are always massive pay-off founts. My week has been stupidly busy, yes, that's a good way to put it. I didn't know about the Commonwealth Games's descent, but I have heard of them. I think it might have cooled down just a bit here today maybe. I hope. Fucking summer. Summer is a grisly invention. I quite like the new Iceage track, more ever time I hear it. I'd heard from someone who saw them recently in Chicago that they'd gone 'rockabilly', but, if that's their take on rockabilly, that seems okay. Very, very curious to hear the new album. Here's to a great Saturday! And Sunday! ** Kier, Hi! Lonsdale is in so many really good films, it's hard choose. I mean, you can't go wrong with 'Successive Slidings of Pleasure', but, yeah, hard to choose. I like the word gnarly a lot except when it describes your arms. At least the pain is down. When do you think you'll be ship-shape enough from the waist up to go back to work, and are you looking forward to that or not? My day wasn't so bad. Maybe made some progress on the casting for one of the film scenes. Wrote just a little bit, but that was better than nothing. It's very quiet. Every single one of my friends is away on vacation. It's strange. Yeah, that Bug track is so good, and I'm excited by the Iceage track too, and I think maybe by Elias's new hairstyle even. Love from me! Rock the weekend! ** Bill, Hi, B. Favorite chocolatier, you mean? Hm. I think my favorite is Saduharu Aoki, the French/Japanese patisserie. Jean Paul Hevin's chocolates are hard to beat. There's a bunch, but maybe those two spring most to mind. Hungary, whoa! What's that like? ** Aaron Mirkin, Hi, Aaron. I would be extremely interested in you putting together a Julian Richings Day! Yes, for massively sure! That would be really great! Thank you a ton for offering! Wow, your situation with your 'ex' sounds incredibly familiar. That gave me major sympathy anxiety and emotional stuff. That is a dilemma that is so difficult to resolve. I think the only way is incredible patience and waiting and calling up as much selflessness as you've got, in my experience. Man, I feel like I so get that one. I really appreciate your sharing that, and there is no quick answer to it, and I wish there was, but I wish you all the luck/strength there is. And please talk about it more and anytime, if you feel like it. ** Etc etc etc, Hi! It's really true about Dazed. It's very interesting, and, I think, a very good and very wise decision on their part. I actually talked to the guy who interviewed me about that, about the smartness of their support for the new writing, and about how weird it is that that's not happening elsewhere, except at Vice in their strange way, and how weird it is that the big media supporter of the new writing is based in the UK. But none of that made the interview's cut. I saw the 'Pink Trance Notebook' pieces. Yeah, they're fantastic! When is Wayne not fantastic. I haven't seen 'Boyhood' yet but I'm really in the mood to see a film, and it's playing here, so maybe I'll get to this weekend. Oh, interesting about that disagreement. I try to really resist the idea that outré and sexual is necessary for realness, partly because it doesn't make any sense, I guess, to me I mean, and also to keep a check on my stuff and my writing 'cos, obviously, I work in those realms. The literary landmarks here, yeah, but they're not too, too ruined in some cases. Depending on what you want to see. You can go find, like, where Rimbaud and Georges Perec and etc. lived, and they're just apartments, which is interesting and not, I guess. What are you wanting to see particularly? ** _Black_Acrylic, 12 hours, holy shit! The pix you posted make it look quite lovely and good, and I see there was still a real crowd when you did you thing, and that's cool. ** Steevee, The Bug album is real good. Yeah, I saw the Kim's Video news on FB, and I was interested that every post/response I saw just heavily criticized the place. No mourning or expressions of loss at all. Weird. Andrew Holleran ... I don't know. His stuff isn't very interesting to me except as a 'of its time' thing, I mean in the 'DftD' case. He definitely has his fans, and they're not dumb people. Well, Edmund and Larry are very close, longtime friends of Holleran's, so those blurbs should be taken in that light. I don't know. Try him. I mean, he can write, and he has his own kind of particular fey/lush literary with a capital 'L' style, but it's not my kind of thing, I guess. ** Rewritedept, Hi. Heads? Oh, the first comment was written for the gif day, gotcha. My week was what is was, basically, because I've had so much film stuff to work on on my own, and it's been tiring, and I haven't been sleeping very well, but it has worked out okay. No big. Sure, writing a blurb for next weekend is only a good idea. I mean, if you want to ask the folks for particular help with anything in particular or advice on some aspect of the piece that you feel like you could particularly use, that's only a very good thing, and it helps people know how to comment, and when writers in the workshop have done that, they've tended to get more feedback and response. So I encourage you. My Friday wasn't too bad. Real fireworks? Where would I see those? The closest to a big burrito that can find in Paris is at the city's one Chipotle, and I've been jonesing to get back there, actually, so maybe I'll do that, thanks. I'm sending happy thoughts to you too! What a coincidence! ** Sypha, I'm pretty sure that the blog's readers would love a 'Game of Thrones' post. I would bet you that, like, 70% at least of the blog's readers watch it. I just wouldn't know what you were talking about, which is often a good state for me to be in. I need to read more China Mieville. I kind of liked what I read. ** Kyler, I got you pre-dreamland rather than just post-. Exciting. Oh, okay, that makes more sense: the 10/50 split. I'll let you know when my copy arrives. France can take a while sometimes, but then it can surprise one. Have a sweet weekend! ** Right. Indulge heavily in Chris Dankland's feast this weekend. I have some stuff to do, and I'll go do it now. See you on Monday.