Thursday, July 24, 2014

Head movements (for Zac)


p.s. Hey. Like always re: gif favoring posts, regrets re: the time it took to load ** David Ehrenstein, It does look really good, doesn't it. I'm exciting. Hoping to get an early peek at it soonish. That looks like a great piece on R-G. Wow, thank you a lot for passing it along. I'm about to be all over it. ** Keaton, Hey. I'm a labor intensive gif combining guy, hopefully with pay-off. Yeah, her writing is so incredibly not sloppy and trite, wow, weird. I'm all not about the story, I guess. You're such a hard head sometimes, it's funny. All or nothing. I'm so not about the all or nothing, I guess. 'Uncrafted shit': hardly. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much. Wow, did I just type that stupid sentence? I'm sleepy, and extended bad sleep is catching up with me, and I'm tired. Apologies. Get happier with your writing, man. Get with the program. The program of your fans. ** Steevee, Ha ha, thanks. Have you heard the Shabazz Palaces album? It's pretty wild and amazing, I think. ** _Black_Acrylic, That's interesting. I wondered if you knew Sue Tompkins's work. I only recently discovered it. I was reading about 'Orange Brainwash Tribute', and I really want to see that. The link didn't meet France's approval, true, but I'll see if it's elsewhere. Thank you. I didn't know about Hayley. Cool, thank you again. Great about the Franz West show, very nice. Back to Dundee! Good luck with the Studio Jamming prep. ** Kier, Hi, K. Oh, ugh, suck, so sorry about your arms, that's awful. I don't know '964 Pinocchio', but what a weird, good title. I'll check it out. I've never had sleep paralysis, but it's super eerie in its imagined form. Do they know what it is and what causes it? Okay, I'll download 'The Dreaming'. I guess she's doing a concert or series of them in London for the first time in, like, 30 years or something? People on FB were losing their shit trying to buy tickets a while back. Thanks about the casting call. I hope it works too. Too early to tell. Aw, thanks about my hugging abilities. My day was ... film film film, as usual. Figuring stuff out or trying to. A lot of deciding on the Krampus costumes because we have to buy or make arrangements to rent them today because my last remaining in-town film collaborator, our Art Director Emilie, leaves town tomorrow, after which I will be entirely on my own with the film work/prep. I made that casting call thing. Someone I know was an asshole to me for no reason that I can understand, and I was confused about that for a while. I don't know, it wasn't a great day, but things got done or started to get done. Plus, I'm not sleeping well of late, and that caught up with me yesterday. Blah blah, whine whine. Today will hopefully be better. How are your arms today? What did you do? ** Torn porter, Hi, Mr. Porter! That's okay about the disappearing. Things happen and all of that. Our film is in an inbetween, lots of work and planning phase that's kind of difficult, but I imagine this part will pass successfully. In general, it's going really well. Yeah, finding a tall tattooed guy in the Bar Area, if you're still there, does indeed sound like it wouldn't be too, too hard. Weird. What other attributes is he required to have? Yeah, I really like the new White Lung album quite a bit. I'd love to see them. I'll check the listings. So, are you doing well in general? ** Chilly Jay Chill, Hi, Jeff. The Bug and Shabazz Palaces albums are really good. The Shabazz Palaces album is really out there and kind of amazing, at least on early listens. I haven't heard the entire Owen Pallett album yet, but the, let's see, four tracks I've heard are really good. Oh, man, really lucky you on that Merge 25th concert! Wow. What's Superchunk like live now? Back when, they were one of the best ever live bands, in my opinion, but I love their early albums a whole lot. Did Destroyer play with a band? What was it like? I recently decided that I think maybe 'Yer Blues' is my all-time favorite album. Did Polvo play? I love Polvo. Any report on that fest you want to give would be highly appeciated. Best of luck on the Baltimore reading. Break everyone's legs. Will do about the 'Providence' DVD. Enjoy everything! ** Schlix, Hi, Uli! Thank you about the gig. Eleh is great, yeah. I don't know for sure, but I would be pretty surprised if Peter Rehberg doesn't know them. I'll ask Stephen. Thanks about the casting call. Fingers crossed, yeah. And have a blast in Amsterdam. Tell me what you did and what you think of it. ** Misanthrope, Oh, sure, the young bottom into older tops is fairly prevalent from the online evidence I've seen. Young masters seeking old slaves is pretty common, for instance. ** Sypha, I don't know that press, no, except by name and via the names of some of its authors, but it sounds really good, so very best of luck with them! ** Rewritedept, Hi. Maybe they'll be perturbed in a positive way. Maybe you'll open their eyes. That's good thing about using that content, even though the opened eyes will always be outnumbered by the scrunched shut ones. Yesterday was much like the others. So it goes. Has to be. Progress isn't always a cake walk. Awesome about the art show thing. Take some installation shots, please. Love from this side of the pond. ** Etc etc etc, Hi! Thanks a bunch for the excerpts via Dropbox. I'll go get those in just a few minutes. And for the link to the rough but emblematic section. Bookmarked for my next entrance into fresh air. The film ... well, it was originally a porno a while back, but Zac and I revised it into something that's definitely not a porno but does revolve around sex and is explicit when the sex occurs. It's much more interesting than it was going to be in its porno days, or I sure hope so. Oh, cool, about you coming to Paris with your gf. I'll be in the midst of film stuff, but we can definitely meet up if you want and if you give me your coordinates when the time is right. That would be great! Take it easy, C. ** Right. Today you get one of my gif suites. I guess that's all there is to say about it. But I'll see you tomorrow.