Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween countdown post #13: DC's 20 theoretically favorite spooky house attractions of 2012, part 2 (of 2)


Perdition Home
5181 Manor View Dr., Yorba Linda, CA, 92886

'Welcome to PERDITION HOME, the abode of timeless suffering and affliction! Soon you too will join the thousands of dead which make up the very foundation of this horrible place. We are high ranking officers among the deities of DEATH. We patrol this earth, serving the gods of carnage. This place embodies us and we embody it. Within our cortex lies the genesis of lunacy and darkness. Since 2008 our tortures have become known throughout HELL.

'You'll writhe in paralyzing terror and fear as you witness our iniquitous need to watch all things DIE. We are the face of every evil you have ever witnessed. Our blood lust is insatiable. We are PERDITION HOME, where nightmares are made FLESH!

'PERDITION HOME is guaranteed the goriest and most disturbing local house maze: just the way YOU like it! Walls coated in blood and gore, mangled human torsos hung up by rusty meat hooks like grotesque ornaments, marred limbs at every turn, and horrible masks which guise the deplorable faces of our minions—these are all things to expect this year from the master of BLOODY exploitation, PERDITION HOME!

'In 2008, we established ourselves as the not-so-average home haunt next door and have since become an eyesore of extravagant BLOODY thrills. Every year during the month of October our average-looking home is transformed into a savage maze that puts other customary home haunts to shame. -- perditionhome.webs.com


Scare Kingdom Scream Park
Hawkshaw Farm Park, on the A59 near Preston and Blackburn, Lancashire, UK.

'The end of the world is nigh and it is destined to be HELL on earth this Halloween season as Scare Kingdom DOOMSDAY Scream Park re-opens in Lancashire for the 4th consecutive year.

'Reborn for the Halloween season in 2012, LuciFEAR and his Heraldemons unleash four all new indoor and outdoor scare attractions for thrill seekers and families . Gone are the storytelling attractions from earlier years as the park ramps up the fright factor with FULL on FEAR with a twisted combination of live scareactors, special effects, and immersive horror environments which create a four dimensional assault on the senses.

'Enter the rancid Inbreeds Impound Scare Zone where a family of serial killers lure the unwary into their rust-ridden Slaughter Shed. Explore a post-apocalyptic war zone where resistant rebel forces are struggling against a hoard of half-human mutants in Apocalypse 2012. Go backstage in The Theatre of Gore Guignol where blood-crazed horrors still tread the boards of a once grand Parisian theatre house. Make an appointment with death in Gaunt Hill Asylum where fear will be pushed to the limit to bring guests the most intense scare experience in the park's history; you are 'bound' to scream. Meet The Pendle Witches, watch as The Possessed Statue comes to life and regain your sanity in our licensed Fright Bar.

Scare Kingdom DOOMSDAY Scream Park is situated at Hawkshaw Farm Park at the home of Mrs. Dowson's Ice Cream, minutes from the M6 junction 31 on the A59 near Preston and Blackburn. Open on selected nights between October 13th and November 3rd inclusive. Advance booking essential. Unlike other UK scream parks, Scare Kingdom operates timed entry, meaning queues are virtually eliminated. -- scarekingdom.com


1918 N Memorial Pkwy Huntsville, AL 35801

'Disturbia. Is a mental disturbance, an insanity so powerful that it controls and dominates ones mind. Disturbia has a dark meaning to it. It’s much more than being scary or creepy. Disturbia is about mind control, fear, phobias a deep darkness so unrealistic that your mind goes totally insane. You lose all control of reality. Enter Disturbia where there are worse things than death!

'What's great about this attraction is it will have something for everyone. You don't like clowns? Boom - creepy clowns! You don't like snakes? Pow - (not real but scary) snakes! You don't like the dark? Zap - the lights are out and it's pitch dark. You are scared of chain saws? Bang - They are right there waiting for you! There is literally something in Disturbia that will freak you out.

2012 Disturbia Highlights
Haunted Green House, Haunted Expermental Lab, and Circus Side Show. Over 75 rooms and scenes! Queue line Entertainment - Corn Stalkers - Arcade - Celebrity Appearances - Last Ride - Spider Ride

Dead Debbie's Diner
- Hand Dipped Corn Dogs - Funnel Cakes - Deep Fried Candy Bars - Deep Fried Oreo's - Deep Fried Moon Pies - Hot Dogs - Chili Dogs - Polish Sasuage - French Fries - Chili Fries - Nachos - Chili Cheese Nachos - Frito Pie - Pizza - Cotton Candy - PopCorn - Carmel Apples - Candy Apples - Drinks
-- collaged


6624 Dawson Blvd, Norcross, GA 30093

'Summer temperatures may still be lingering, but in just a few weeks the entrance of fall will officially make its way back to Atlanta. One of the events that September brings is the annual opening of Netherworld Haunted House. Opening a full month ahead of the Halloween holiday, there is extra time to test just how much scare you can take, as you’re surrounded by some of the creepiest characters in the country.

Celebrating 16 years of fear beginning September 28th, Netherworld promises to give you the scares you crave and those you never saw coming. Voted the #1 Hometown Haunted House in America by Hauntworld Magazine in 2010, Netherworld isn’t just your elementary-style haunted house. No, this is something straight out of a big budget Hollywood horrorfest.

In addition to the regular attractions, there are tons of new haunts for 2012, including: the Massive Bloody Crawling Eye, Crushed by the Primordial Giant, Portraits of the Undying, Mauled by Crows and Underwater City. Located in an expansive space in Norcross, Netherworld sets the bar high by using talented actors, life-like sets and props and unique attractions that are guaranteed to give thrill-seekers their money’s worth. -- collaged


The Backwoods
1912 N Pepper St. Burbank, CA

'The Backwoods Maze is an astoundingly well done haunted house staged in the backyard of a suburban home that must have access to TARDIS technology, to cram all this into that space. In creating this intricately detailed world of Farmer Porky’s BBQ, the crew have utterly nailed the look, feel, and grim realities of the Texas hill country outside San Antonio, and much of the cast look completely capable of taking your head off with little prompting.

'L.A. has always been home to a wealth of spectacularly executed home haunts, from the venerable Hallowed Haunting Grounds to the whimsical Boney Island (both of which are now, sadly, defunct) to the eminently eerie House of Restless Spirits. However, none of them have actually made me scream...until I visited the Backwoods Maze. Located on a rather nondescript suburban street, the fun starts as soon as the front yard comes into view. As the official website describes it: One wrong turn off the highway lands you deep in the rural back country of Texas where a farmhouse inhabited by a maniacal clan of cannibals harvest their livestock; pigs, cows and humans.

'This has been an annual affair going back to 2004, but I just found out about it over the weekend. For a free amateur production in someone’s home, not only is it spectacular, it more than holds its own against Universal and Knott’s. I really have no idea how they crammed so much detail and so many actors into such a small space, but they did it - and it really must be seen to be believed. Suggested viewing beforehand: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Motel Hell, House of 1,000 Corpses, and the video for Primus’ Mr. Krinkle. -- collaged


Chambers of Horror
The Masquerade -- 695 North Ave NE Atlanta, Ga 30308

'Have your Nightmares lost their bite? Let chambers of horror help you. Since fleeing Europe our staff of trained mutilation professionals have been defiling the sanctity of human life in Atlanta for the past four years. The most notorious minds of the FBI’S database utilize techniques going back to 37 AD. While our resident expert Dr. Splatter, brings pain into the future with ever advancing breakthroughs in next level torment.

'Chambers of Horror’s Splatter Bar and Lounge is a place to relax and grab a drink or three to numb yourself prior to the pain of what you will endure in Atlanta’s most shocking and extreme adults-only haunted house.

'Enter through the gates behind the Masquerade, buy your tickets, and wait in the open-air Splatter Bar. The bar is open every night that Chambers of Horror is open.

'Hang out at the Splatter Bar and watch horror movies, see the sideshow performers, and hear some of Atlanta’s best independent music all while enjoying the beverage of your choice from our full bar. Food concessions are available on site on Fridays and Saturdays. Come experience Atlanta’s most brutal horror attraction.' -- CoH


Delusion: The Blood Rite
2218 S Harvard Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018

'Last year, famed Hollywood stuntman Jon Braver unleashed DELUSION onto unsuspecting Los Angelinos. It was a unique hybrid between live theatre and a haunted attraction that sent you running for your life through a creepy mansion full of psychopaths and death-defying stunts. The sheer ingenuity of it blew my mind and I was hoping that it would be the first of many annual haunts we’d see from this team.

Well wonders never cease because Braver has returned to the scene, teaming up with the great Neil Patrick Harris for a follow-up round of mayhem with DELUSION: THE BLOOD RITE. Stepping onto the site of the looming white mansion near downtown L.A., ticketholders are ushered into a Victorian style bar to suck down novelty drinks (tasty concoctions like “Blood Type-O” and “Gravekeepers Grog”) while they wait and are informed “not to touch the actors back.” That’s right: back. If you thought you’d be an unaffected bystander here, think again.

Groups of twelve are taken into the foreboding mansion and are quickly filled in on the plot: The setting is 1918 and you assume the role of a group of World War I veterans who have felt a strange supernatural pull to the mansion of Dr. Frederick Lowell. The deceased owner was of the mad-scientist type and his home is now populated by former patients, all of whom are mad, psychotic and possess crazy supernatural abilities. Without saying too much, your presence there opens up a giant can of worms and it’s up to you to survive the night through a series of ghoulish tests.

This year, the number of performers, set pieces and stunts have tripled, and Braver has amped up the interactive elements to make every person a full-fledged participant in the horror. Don’t expect to simply walk through and be a passive observer here. Every room had us interacting with the performers and environment in order to progress the story (think the world’s most demented LARP game) and Braver & Co invent all sorts of wild tasks for you to perform. I wouldn’t dream of spoiling all the surprises in store, but let’s just say that one of the tamer moments had this writer physically moving a body across the room as “bait.”

DELUSION is not about people in rubber masks jumping out of the darkness to make you jump. This haunt is largely driven by story and exposition which makes for a more immersive experience and scares that are a lot more fun – especially when your actions have dire repercussions on certain members of your group. In fact, Braver and Harris have gone to great lengths to ensure that no two people will experience Delusion the same way. -- Dread Central


Bloodview Haunted House
1010 Towpath Trail, Broadview Heights, Ohio 44147

'Bloodview Haunted House lasts over 20 minutes and is non stop when it comes to sheer horror. There are very few dead spots with the exception of the outside area where there are scenes, but not enough to fill the area. The buildings that are used for Bloodview Haunted House are rather small, but are used to their full potential. The majority of rooms are tight and confining while the outdoor area is used for a graveyard, hillbilly shacks and various scenes. Most of the scenes are very hectic and are based around lunatics.

'Bloodview Haunted House uses the oldest acting troupe in America. They are known as the Legion of Terror and having been using their talents at haunts for nearly 25 years. They wear elaborate costumes, detailed prostethics and never come out of character. When you first arrive you'll be greeted by some of the most grotesque and oddball characters in Ohio.

'You'll meet a guy who's come down with the swine flu and proceeds to cough up blood. You'll come face to face with a drooling freak wrapped in plastic. There is even a cursed tribe dressed in Mayan clothing that chant in a language you can't understand. The amount of characters that entertain the lines is impressive and is only the beginning of what you'll experience at Bloodview Haunted House. Once you are inside the haunt you'll be confronted by crazed lunatics, unspeakable creatures and some of the most intense actors I've seen this season.

'To say this is an unrelenting haunt would be putting it litely. Not only are the queue line actors creepy, the way the rooms are designed may make you claustrophobic. This is a unique haunt that relies mostly on its great characters and fast paced nature. Bloodview is a charity haunted house and the staff is there for all the good reasons. They are nice and the parking is set up perfectly. There are plenty of concessions like hot dogs, chips, soda, hot chocolate and the typical concessions you find at haunts. For $20 you can enter the haunt as many times as you'd like, receive a bag of chips, a hot dog and a drink. All you have to do is show your wrist band.' -- ohiosgaunted.com


The Blumhouse of Horrors
940 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA

'Jason Blum, who has prospered over the last few years with the low-budget horror hits "Paranormal Activity" and "Insidious," is producing a live show and branding it with his own company name: The haunted house will be called the Blumhouse of Horrors.

'"This is a way to better associate Blumhouse with scares and develop a direct relationship with our fans," the boyish producer said Tuesday, the first day of setup at the Variety Arts Theatre, the historic Figueroa Street venue whose 1,100-seat main room once featured stars such as Al Jolson and served as the set for Wes Craven's horror movie "Scream 2."

'Blum is spending several hundred thousand dollars on the haunted house, not much less than the cost of his low-budget horror movies. The house opens Oct. 4 and runs through Nov. 3, with tickets going on sale Thursday.

'About 50 cast members and a behind-the-scenes crew of 25 — many of them veterans of Blum's movies — are being hired to scare fans on a tour that will go through the inner bowels and upper floors of the six-story Variety Arts before finally reaching the stage, which hasn't hosted a live show behind its hole-ridden curtain in many years.

'Art director Spence is essentially serving as writer/director for the haunted house, which features the sort of narrative arc that horror fans have come to know on the big screen. He's even supplying many of the props. Although tickets to Blumhouse are $29 — or higher, with VIP extras — the haunted house is not primarily a money-making enterprise. Even if it's entirely sold out, the Blumhouse of Horrors revenue will be minuscule compared with Blum's share of profits on "Paranormal Activity 3," which grossed $206 million worldwide last year.' -- Los Angeles Times


Sinister Pointe
195 Arovista Circle, Brea, CA 92821

'Since moving to a new, permanent location in 2011, Sinister Pointe has billed itself as “Southern California’s only year round and permanent attraction.” Although the maze is not open all year, they do open it for several special events/holidays (e.g., Christmas). This is great for haunt stalkers looking for an off-season fix, but one of the challenges for the Sinister Pointe team is keeping the maze fresh and new in order to bring back the crowds during the main season–Halloween. In fact, with a full haunt itinerary, Scare Zone even debated whether it was worth returning to Sinister Pointe this year, because we were skeptical that they would be able to change it up enough to justify the trip out to Brea.

'Once inside the maze, there is a photo op area. However, on the night we attended, it was not operational, so we were allowed to proceed directly ahead. The maze itself is themed to a sort of cannibal hillbilly house, with deranged rednecks and other similar characters. The sets are highly detailed and themed, and there’s a lot to look at. The actors take advantage of these distractions as they come at you from the shadows and behind walls and sets. The maze is also “interactive,” meaning that you will be asked to perform specific tasks before the door will open to the next scene. At one point, the maze appears to be a dead end with no way forward, but somehow, you get turned around and the path seems to have changed. Other impressive effects include a room with swaying walls and an optical illusion involving a long hallway.

'For 2012, Sinister Pointe has made some really cool additions. Most impressive was a new “outdoor” scene (although it was completely within the indoor maze) of a porch surrounded by water. You have to proceed over a series of bridges to get to the front porch, where an old man is taunting you. Of course, there was also something lurking in the moat, so we couldn’t linger too long to enjoy the new set. Another addition is a new interactive scare near the end of the maze that involves pulling ropes. In addition, it seems they have added some actors with longer speaking parts who interact a bit more heavily with guests.

'Once again, the monsters in this maze were full of energy and highly athletic. We have a hard time finding any other actors who match the level of dedication and gusto of the Sinister Pointe actors. They also work together really well to team up and double the scares. Although we’ve been through several variations of this maze in the past year, the actors still managed to surprise us, and we were screaming throughout.' -- Scare Zone


p.s. Hey. ** Misanthrope, Hi, G. Here's hoping on the SPD success thing. Totally ready to get the shit scared out of me, and who better to make that elusive grade. ** David Ehrenstein, Your Sonbert piece is really magnificent. Beautiful, very moving, wise, incisive, and some of the finest writing I've ever seen from you, and that's saying a lot. Please accept a hug and also this. ** xTx, Hey! Would be super awesome to get some Halloween from you. How's things? How's the novel? And, hey, hopefully I'll get to meet and hang out with you awfully damn soon now! ** Wolf, Hi, W. Man, such a great, sweet story about you and your spy glass. You as an 8 year-old, wowzer, I'm trying to get my imagination around that, and I think I can. Kind of like you now plus a shrinkage machine? Food recs ... Well, you know Passage Oblige in the Marais. I love that place. Veggie, vegan, and dead sentient being-based food all in one place. I haven't been to Cité des Sciences since I first moved here. Hm, yeah, a return trip sounds good. I kind of love Parc Villette. The music 'museum' there can be pretty good too, depending. The new, huge Palais de Tokyo is worth the trip just for the space inside, which is fantastic. Butte Charmont! Now that is a park among parks. I saw that thing about the trampoline bridge yesterday. If only. I think it's just some architect's daydream. Want! ** Alan, Hey, buddy! It's so, so great to see you! A big thanks in-person for the exquisite post! I caught your comment early and managed to fix the line breaks. Blogger just switched itself into this much more complicated, labor-intensive place a few weeks ago, and I'm still getting used to all the new rules and code they make you use now, and that's why David's poem got turned into mush at first. Welcome back! Love, me. ** Cobaltfram, Great about your being into being in the SPD. Thank you. The bourgeoisie fear is why it took me ages to be okay with and follow clothes/ fashion and see it as art to the degree that I do. I used to curdle at its thought. No bookmarked crazy videos, it turns out, but I'll keep my eyes peeled. Book publication is just really traumatic. You need nerves of steel and a perfectly calibrated ego, I think. 'Alien' is great. For me, he made three great films: 'Alien', 'Blade Runner', and 'Legend', and those heights have failed him ever since, although there is the occasional cool late one, say 'Hannibal', which a couple of people pointed out. Oh, and since I said I would report, I had my tarot reading yesterday. It wasn't in fact an attempt to get in touch with George directly. It was to answer a question: 'What is my current relationship with George?' The answer was way too complicated to get into, but I will say, since this was interesting, that one thing reading said/did was to very strongly caution me against seeking the answers I want through magical/ mystical means. It said that would be dangerous. I found that very interesting, confounding, etc. So, I guess so much for seances and so on. ** Tosh, Cool. Thank you, Tosh! ** Oscar B, Hey! Long time no see! We need to hang out and do something. Text me, or I'll text you. I've just been hold up here working and using all the rain as my excuse to hold up here. Talk soon/today? Love, me. ** Robert-nyc, Hi, Robert! You good? How's your poeming going? What are you doing on Halloween? ** Steevee, I wonder if the Bond slash fiction writers are young or older nostalgists or what? Which Bond do they favor, or does the Bond tend to be a generic everyBond? ** Sypha, Hi, James. Really nice Clue-centric trip back through time there. I liked 'Hannibal' too. I need to rewatch it. Literally, all I remember is the brains eating scene, whatever that means. Ha ha, that Bieber video. Amusing to see it, although I thought watching him throw up was much hotter. ** 5STRINGS, At least my allergies stick to clothes, bad as that is. Well, apart from the usual pollen thing. And a bit of a penicillin rash. Yeah, my Tarot reading was all, like, stay away from the divining stuff. Of course, I was all, like, what does that mean? The spirits want George all to themselves? He wants to kill me if he gets the chance? Weird. ** Statictick, Hey! Wow, thank you. That was comprehensive and extremely interesting. I know or at least used to know people who took Dilantin recreationally to get high. I guess you just should listen to the people treating you since you think they're okay? Your clarity on what's going on seems like a really good thing. I don't know. That was really interesting, man. I hope that doesn't sound too distanced because I don't mean it that way. I'm just taking it all in. Way hugs. That incarnation of C&tCS just doesn't interest me at all in theory. Like, what's the point? Income? I don't know. I'll check the album. Much love to you, and thank you again, my friend. ** Bill, Hi, Bill. Glad you're glad about the SPD. Fingers crossed. Hooray about the subsiding school madness. So, you're able to work more now? ** Postitbreakup, Hi, Josh. I'll keep the old fingers crossed and pointed in the direction of those internship dolers, which means, if my calculations are correct,at  the wall of the my room where the couch is. I lived with my mom for a year when I was 24, if that helps at all. I'm still working towards the end of the middle section of my novel. I'm close to finishing it. Maybe another week or two, if I'm lucky. I read 'White Noise' way back in time. I liked it pretty well, I think. I'm kind of okay with the early DeLillo novels like that one and 'The Names', I'm just not so into the giant tomes that he has been cranking out for the last twenty years or whatever. So, yeah, memory says I liked it. ** _Black_Acrylic, That Jimmy Saville thing is out of control. When I was in London and turned on the BBC news, it was 24/7 Saville-ville. I hope the hospital appointment goes well. What was it for exactly? What did they do to you? ** Right. If you're in one of the cities in which today's favored spooky houses are located, you would probably be fools not to go. That's my guess. Think up/ make/ send me Halloween SPDs please. Thank you! See you tomorrow.


Misanthrope said...

Dennis, I haven't been to a spooky house since that one in NYC a couple years back. Though I think the walk to and fro was more horrifying for me. :P (I'm such a lazy ass.)

Yeah, I think it'll be a roaring success, the SPD. You'll see. There'll be a ton of entries at the last minute and Blogger will be scared shitless.

DavidEhrenstein said...

So glad you liked "The Tuxedo Theater" Dennis.

Interesting about that Tarot reading. Apparently you're too much for the Cards to deal with.

No suprise that NPH is involved in "Delusion" both because of his work as a stage magician and his interest in "Immersion Theater." On one of the talk shows last year he was raving about "None Shall Sleep" a production of "Macbeth" that takes place in a house and involves the audience/visitors in a number of ways. The actors would sometimes go up to you and whisper lines in you ear. This goes back to "Tamara" which ran for years here in L.A. about two decades back and inspired Rivette's L'Amour par Terre with Jane Birkin and Geraldine Chaplin.

alan said...

Thanks. If you go to any post and then to POST SETTINGS on the righthand side, under OPTIONS there is a way to tell Blogger to use return/enter for line breaks rather than having to type < br> all the time. At least in the version I’m using. Hope that helps.

xTx said...

This was a cool Halloween post! Thanks for bringing the spooky!

Novel is creeping along. I will finish it before I die. THIS I SWEAR!

When do you come back to the states?

Halloween-esque sidebar: Watched the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre...which I thought I'd seen before but guess I hadn't...and absolutely LOVED it! I loved the CRAZY INSANE of it. So nuts. Lots of running! haha. But great fucked up shit for its day...and even for today's day!

sorry, that was random. Just feeling in the Halloween spirit i guess!


steevee said...

As far I can tell - and I didn't read that many Bond slash stories - the Bond slash fic seems to be inspired by the past few films, not the Fleming novels or the earlier Connery and Moore films. I'd guess that it's probably written by relatively young people. There also seemed to be bursts of activity when a new film is released, followed by dead spells. I expect SKYFALL to prompt new fiction.

Wolf said...

Dude, hey, ok so what, the spirits don't want you in?
Well, you know what i think about tarot, and where they come from, i.e. you and you and all the layers of you, but that's all (that's a LOT, though!), so you wont be surprised that i'm not surprised about the reading... Mmhh. Interesting. That does, to me, imply that there is a very strong self-protective drive in you, which, again, does not exactly come as a surprise. And that's good, in light of the work that you're currently doing and going through. Maybe that "safety blanket" that we were talking about materialized itself through the cards, basically slapping your eager digits with a ruler, going "OY! Hands OFF the cookie jar! Go back to your room."
Your id is a crazy little hungry bugger, running in all kinds of dark corners, but your ego keeps its head cool and yours alive. That's good, in my book.
Of course it could actually be that Spirit George just wants to be left alone. You can hear me italicize and draaag that "could" from where you are, i'm sure, haha.

You know, it's happened to me so many times before, that pattern: using a divination tool (geomancy, runes, tarots) in order to create a dynamic with an external entity/being/concept/you-name-it, and only getting obviously self(me)-based answers. It used to annoy the fuck out of me. I thought i'd misread, i'd try and cram other interpretations in there, do it again... If i did it again, the exact same result would come up, with eerie (for some i guess, to me it's reassuring) precision.
But yes, it's a classic.
There were times when it really was as if whichever method i was using was handing me a scripted page, black on white, "Just what the fuck do you think you're doing here, young lady? Just because you wanna fool yourself doesn't mean i'm gonna indulge you. Back to analysis it is for you, chop chop."
The only tool i ever used that is really amazing at connecting with external "fields", for lack of a better term, is this pendulum i have, an old arrowhead made of obsidian, tied to a huge wolf-s tooth, believe me the thing is like a ouija board. Well, never used it to deal with dead people (i just can't buy that whole concept), but it can find what's hidden like nobody's business. Maybe one day i'll let you use it... hehe...

Anyway, i'm working on the SPD. I have a few choices... I shall be Scaaarrryyy!!!

robert-nyc said...

Hi Dennis,

Poeming is happening on a regular basis these days, so I'm feeling at ease, for the most part, with life and all. I find myself writing poems while riding the subway, and that's been making for some different work.

My boyfriend and I are joining another friend and going to a party called Cherylween on Friday, 10/26. The tag line of this party, which happens here and there in Brooklyn, is "Cheryl will ruin your life" (the party is called Cheryl), so that was enough to cause me to buy a ticket. I'm going as Mrs. Vorhees. Hopefully I'll find the right wig after work tonight. It's been a struggle.

Then on the Saturday night we're seeing Grace Jones at Roseland, which should be amazing. I've never seen her live, so I had to spend the money and get my ass there.

I have no plans yet for the actual day/night of Halloween.

How's the novel writing going? And do you have plans for Halloween? Is it celebrated in Paris?


ASH said...

Dennis, that spookhouse/park near me is called Tulley's Farm Shocktober fest. Unfortunately I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to make it, but I'm trying. They have an annoying ticketing system which involves different haunts for different prices, all of which change depending on what day of the month you're going.

I'll be dressing up either way, I have a suitably horrific mask that's tried and tested.
What are your plans for this year?
And how was London?
Also, dunno whether I suggested it or not, but the new Pinback is fantastic, as always. You heard?

steevee said...

I'm really excited by Kendrick Lamar's GOOD KID, M.A.A.D CITY, the best hip-hop album I've heard this year since El-P's CANCER4CURE. It has concept album trappings, with intelligent use of spoken word soundbites from the rapper's family. (One song goes on for 12 minutes, ending with Lamar getting baptized.) Lamar acknowledges the temptations of crime and violence but turns away from them, in a manner that's positive without being at all preachy or corny. He doesn't fill the album with random cameos from Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, etc. (Drake and Dr. Dre do drop by, and I think there's an uncredited Lady Gaga appearance as well.) His voice is extremely versatile, and he even gets Dr. Dre to sound hungry again on the album closer "Compton." The album is bound to make him a star, but he did it without dumbing down his lyrics at all.

Pascal said...

Hi Dennis,

I’m getting my hallowe’en head on for SPD and also I’d like to share two things that might be of interest to your London people:

Firstly a poetry reading I’ve organized with poets Sarah Crewe and Tommy peeps. It’s 16 poets reading new work inspired by Sonic Youth. It’s this Friday 26th October in Stoke Newington and here’s the link.

Secondly the Poetry Library Poetic Censorship Open Day at the Royal Festival Hall in Southbank Centre on Nov 18th will have a special section on New Narrative including your very own Little Caesar magazine and other great and rare stuff worth perusing. Here’s the link.

Meanwhile I’ve said it before but, yeah, this novel sounds really tough on you and I hope you’re ok.
Things here good but many friends and family experiencing crises at the moment so that’s stressful. Life is so complicated sometimes and this is one of those periods. But basically I’m well and hope everybody here is too.

_Black_Acrylic said...

@ DC, a quick check of Wikipedia reveals that ophthalmology means "the science of eyes". That's all it was, a few tests that I sailed through fine. Must have been referred there by my optician. I'm due another appointment in 4 months. I don't think it's anything urgent.

The Conservative Chief Whip resigned this week. Andrew Mitchell was stopped from riding his bike into Downing Street and so called the police "fucking plebs". I was inspired to design a Yuck 'n Yum flyer, and here it is.

steevee said...

One more music recommendation: the house music producer Sinister Servant. Actually, this is sort of a synthesis of house and industrial, with levels in the red and lots of distorted synthesizers and booming drum machines. I can picture Mute releasing it in the '80s or Warp in the early '90s. If you like Throbbing Gristle ca. 20 JAZZ FUNK GREATS but wish the production values were slicker, this should be a treat.

Sypha said...

Dennis, you would find the Bieber vomiting thing to be hotter, ha ha. I'll send my SPD entry on Thursday, probably with the Greyson Chance Day in tow.

Have you ever read the "Illuminatus" trilogy, Dennis? I'm re-reading it now... first read it back in 2002, so it's been about a decade. It makes so much more sense to me now than it did back then.

postitbreakup said...

dennis, i think i might never be into tomes. it seems like the only long stuff i can read/have read is comfort books like franzen or stephen king. for a 'serious' book i like the length you work with. i'm honestly afraid i'll never finish infinite jest even though i know how good it is, because it's just so incredibly dense. i think my online activities have really shortened my attention span or something. it does help that you lived with your mom, if only because i have the image of you sneaking twinks in through your window or something while your mom's downstairs, haha.

silent hill house! yay


5STRINGS said...

I don't think I have any allergies. I'm a clean freak, I have this allergy thing when I get my shit to a certain level of cleaness, I start itching for tile. You did a Tarot reading? First let me say, I love today's post, wish I could go to haunted houses. When I move to Stockton in a few years, I'll hit up all the L.A. spooky houses. First, let me say I know this is more than a touchy subject. Second, let me preface by saying I think 99.9% of psychics are only good as fluff characters, i.e. they're good for killing off. I am not a skeptic, I believe it is possible to know the future, whatever that may be. I think it is possible to talk to the dead, whomever they may be. Stay away from the divining stuff? Why, death, eternal damnation? I grew up in a magical culture, we always just laughed about it. Maybe they do. I think in some small way I know his ghost from your books. It is very pained and very powerful. I may have my thoughts, I say have no fear, I think this book could be the most important book since TMS. =) Oh the killing, they love to kill, how they love to kill. How many times did he write and speak of love? I wish you all the best with this book. Your willingness to write it is truly super-human. Rock

Frank Jaffe said...

hey dennis!!

oh man me and luke are excited about the SPD! We'll totally submit something :)
as to the xtube thing... i just had to post that because it seemed ridiculously hysterical to me and luke... the comment is on a video by this guy named Sereen or something like that and he's this crazy muscled arab guy that lives in Las Vegas and is so so so so into himself.... anyway his videos are pretty much crap but in one video halfway through it, it just switches to a montage of images of himself with this crazy middle-eastern pop song behind it! crazy crazy crazy!!!
Anyway things have been pretty much the same here... we're gearing up for the election hardcore... the last debate took place down the street from us which was kinda cool :)
Oh man you should be here! I just made a killer batch of Potato-Leek soup which the next day after being in the fridge turned into Vichyssoise which was amazing as well!
I went to the Stonewall Archive with luke today and they had a nice collection of some of your books... the best thing though was seeing a paperback copy of 'Safe' and seeing that awesome picture of you on the back of it!! You look so suave and literary :) I think it's actually one of the better portraits i've seen of you when you were younger...
sooo yeah things have been going good...
oh fuck i forgot to mention that Luke will be in Paris in December! I feel like he's gonna go crazy... wish i was going with him though :/ but hey I had my fun already... it's time he had his!!
alright i'm gonna sign off of here.... are you doing an absentee ballot for the election??

mucho mucho love!


Bollo said...

Hi Dennis

wow i wanna hang out in these places a bunch! the chamber of horrors looks like a fun place to play : )

thanks for the ebook suggestions the pagarbanparty place is great, making my own pdf versions to read a night. i have dled the other and have to read James Ganas online, but it should be great. loving xTx right now. (you hear that xTx : ) ) feel free to pass on any more suggestions.

some pics of the cork show went up on FB still waiting for my friend to pass on the ones from the performance. back writing proposals for shows. sucks that it will be a year or two before any of them surface. might try and make one happen faster. having major waiting times with the social welfare at the mo, 8 weeks with nothing and work is slim right now, still when it does come i'll get backpay, but 'when' is the operative word.

hope alls good in the parisian hood? the kids here have got fireworks right now which is fun if your watching not if your being aimed at...