Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mine for yours: My mid-2013 favorites of the year lists-in-progress re: books, music, film, art, internet

Books (fiction)
in no order

1. Tao Lin Taipei (Vintage)

2. Joy Williams 99 Stories of God (Byliner)

3. Ken Baumann Solip (Tyrant)

4. Scott McClanahan Crapalachia (Two Dollar Radio)

5. Joyelle McSweeney Salamandrine: 8 Gothics (Tarpaulin Sky)

6. Matthew Simmons Happy Rock (Dark Coast)

7. Stephen Boyer Parasite (Publication Studio)

8. Cassandra Troyan Throne of Blood (Solar Luxuriance)

9. Heiko Julien There Is No Reason for Tigers to Be Beautiful, They Just Are (Pop Serial)

10. Casey Hannan Mother Ghost (Tiny Hardcore)

11. Matt Bell In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods (Soho Press)

12. Hannah Fantana Sans You (Habitat)

13. Johannes Goransson Haute Surveillance (Tarpaulin Sky)

14. Michael Seidlinger My Pet Serial Killer (Enigmatic Ink)

15. Marcus Speh Thank You for Your Sperm (MadHat Press)

Books (poetry)
in no order

1. Luna Miguel Bluebird and other Tattoos (Scrambler Books)

2. John Ashbery Quick Question (Harper Collins)

3. Thomas Moore The Night is an Empire (Kiddiepunk)

4. Mira Gonzalez i will never be beautiful enough to make us beautiful together (Sorry House)

5. Steve Roggenbuck if you dont love the moon, your an asshole (lief)

6. Joseph Ceravolo Collected Poems (Wesleyan University Press)

7. Grant Maierhofer Ode to a Vincent Gallo Nightingale (Drunk Uncle/Black Coffee)

8. Gabby Gabby Airplane Food (nap)

9. Clark Coolidge A Book What and Ending Away (Fence)

10. Moon Tzu autumn of my youth (self-published)

11. Chris Dankland please please please, don't get your goddamn heart broken (self-published)

12. Vanessa Place Boycott (Ugly Duckling)

13. Jordan Castro Young Americans (Civil Coping Mechanisms)

14. Walter Mackey i want to die (Plain Wrap)

in no order

1. Iceage You're Nothing (Matador)

2. The Haxan Cloak Excavation (Tri Angle)

3. Baths Obsidian (Anticon)

4. Aki Onda Cassette Memories Vol. 3: South of the Border (Important)

5. Guided by Voices English Little League (Fire)

6. Var No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers (Sacred Bones)

7. Secret Circuit Tactile Galactics (Beats in Space)

8. Deerhunter Monomania (4AD)

9. Wire Change Becomes Us (Pink Flag)

10. Love Black Beauty (High Moon)

11. My Bloody Valentine mbv (MBV)

12. Ensemble Pearl Ensemble Pearl (Drag City)

13. Deafheaven Sunbather (Deathwish)

14. Julia Holter Loud City Song (Domino)

in no order

1. Terrence Malick To the Wonder

2. Shane Carruth Upstream Color

3. Carlos Reygadas Post Tenebras Lux

4. Harmony Korine Spring Breakers

5. Jeff Nichols Mud

6. Michael Salerno Dans le Silence

7. Jim Jarmusch Only Lovers Left Alive

8. Rian Johnson Looper

9. James Batley Kneels Through the Dark

in no order

1. Nakaya Ukichiro Museum of Snow and Ice (Kagaonsen, Japan)

2. Mike Kelley @ Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam)

3. Torbjorn Vejvi The object without is the object within (Glendale Community College Art Gallery)

4. Chichu Museum (Naoshima, Japan)

5. Dynamo (Grand Palais, Paris)

6. Richard Hawkins @ Richard Telles Fine Art (Los Angeles)

7. Pierre Henry: Autoportrait and 53 Tableaux (Musee d'Art Moderne, Paris)

8. Jason Meadows @ Marc Foxx Gallery (Los Angeles)

9. Scott Treleaven All-Nite Cinema (Invisible Exports, NYC)

10. Jack Goldstein Où est jack Goldstein? (Galerie Perrotin, Paris)

in no order

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p.s. Hey. I made those lists while kind of jet lagged, and I'm probably forgetting all kinds of stuff I've liked a lot, but they'll do, and I stand by them. Of course I would love to see your 2013 so-far picks, if you care to share. Thanks. ** Jeff, Hi. I like the magic idea. I will look into Chômu, which I don't think I know, and thanks a lot. Yeah, the traveling Crispin Glover show. I've been waiting for him to bring it to Paris for yonks, but he hasn't yet unless I spaced out at the wrong time. Crispin Glover once came over to my apartment in LA because he thought he might want to use its front door in a film he was making, but my front door didn't quite fit his bill. All the best to you too. ** Sypha, Thanks, James. Nice to be present again. Oh, cool, about your vacation.  Yeah, typing on those things, ugh, I get it. Thanks for braving the so-called keyboard to say hey, and have fun, and should you feel compelled to type with difficulty, I'd love to hear how things are going there. * David Ehrenstein, Thanks, Mr. E. I'm putting together a Japan blog post of sorts, and I guess I'll try to talk more about the trip then and as the comments ask/warrant. ** Matty B., Hey, buddy! Really nice to see you. I just yesterday saw that you're in that upcoming anthology of fiction inspired by Lynch. Really curious to get that. Your virtual scrapbook looks really beautiful. I'll scroll through and pore over it a little later. Inspiring, man. Everyone, the superb writer Matty Byloos is keeping an online/digital scrapbook re: a novel he's working on, and you can visit and try to decode it by clicking this. It looks beautiful and intriguing, so I recommend you do. Great that that is helping your process, and really cool to get to take a look inside. Take care, man. ** Tosh Berman, Oh, you stay in Meguro when you're in Tokyo? Wow. Yeah, it's a lovely area. We really liked it, although our time there was mostly involved in walking through to and from the subway stations. I'm sure you don't need a hotel rec. but, if you ever do, Hotel Claska in Meguro, where we stayed, is a fantastic hotel. I will write re: my time, and I would love to compare notes and experiences. I definitely fell in love, and, I think like I said, my friend and are already talking about a return visit, maybe this coming winter. ** Steevee, Hi. Nice review and interview with Almodovar. Kudos. Yeah, I've never gotten what the big deal is supposed to be about Kanye West's stuff, even the earlier things. His curatorial skills are quite good and canny, but it's always just sounded like curious, sometimes sharply designed decor to me, not that there's anything wrong with that. Cool timing on your lists, thanks. Interesting, of course. I really want to see the Assayas and 'Leviathan' the most from the not-seen portion of your lists. The Boards of Canada album is really nice, yeah. I probably would have listed it myself if I hadn't spaced. ** Bill, No, the parasite museum is one of the many things we didn't have time for, but it's in the cards for the next jaunt. Cool that Sydney seemed nice. I want to go there, or, I mean, to Australia in general. There's a tentative plan to make a trip to Antarctica early next year, and I was trying to see if we could get there easily from Australia and thereby kill two birds with one plane, but it doesn't look possible unless we want to do just do an Antarctica fly-over, which doesn't seem like enough. ** Scunnard, Thank you for the back welcome. Got your thing. So great and kind of you, and I wrote you back last night. Coolness. ** S., Yeah, RIP Jim Kelly. That was sad news. I am back, it seems. Fuzzily, but that will pass. Andrew WK is like the new Dick Clark or something. Haven't heard the Sabbath yet. Gotta do that. Just to hear new Iommi is enough, probably. Emo tumblr, cool. Russia seems like hell on earth-ish to me. Russia du jour, that is. Stackage! Everyone, S. has new Emo stack. You know what you should do, right? ** Patrick deWitt, Thanks! Yeah, the GM book failure was awful, but, you know, what can one do. There are parts I like a lot. I might clean them up and try to do something with them individually. One possibility for the new novel I'm working on is to include parts of the GM novel, since the new project relates to it on a certain level, but I'm not sure. Cool that the Paris novel is still clinging, and messiness is sometimes a virtue or something, at least for a good while, no? Lit. festival, right, nice. Awesome news from you, man. Any possibility of a Paris visit or stay being on your agenda? ** Kier, Hi, Kier! Oh, I hate when I can't write anymore. That happens to me a fair amount. It's just gone, or the words can't do anything but be words. It'll pass, I bet you. I say don't stress it. Just fool around and wait until drawing compels you to the point where you can't begin to have any value judgement about what you're drawing. Hope you got some most excellent sleep. ** Ken Baumann, Ken!!! Japan was heaven, basically. Start to finish. You went to Naoshima! That was one of the great and total highlights. We were there a little over two days. We stayed in The Oval, the hotel in the Benesse art museum, and, man, if you haven't done that, you simply must. We looked at a bunch of art house projects. We didn't get to the other islands' art houses and museums because we woke up late, and the ferries stopping running weirdly early. Maybe my fave thing on Naoshima was the Chichu Museum. Did you go to that? The underground museum? A perfect building, space, and impeccable tiny collection of Turrells, De Maria, Monet, etc. We walked around a lot, ate really well, especially at the Japanese restaurant in the art museum, whoa, got massages, ... Fantastic. People were incredibly nice, but then nice people seem to be the complete standard in Japan. Definitely want to go back to Naoshima. How great that you and Michael S. have become friends. Yeah, he's a fantastic guy. That's such good news. I miss him a lot too. Say hi and hugs from me. Lucky you to go to the Turrell retro. I'm hoping to do that in October. I'm trying to pull strings to get into that one piece where you're slid inside it on a bed alone for 15 minutes, and which seems to be totally sold out until November or something. Turrell is a god. That should be a great time. Very excited about the Boss Fight Books project, as you can imagine. Cool, cool. Are you doing more
'Solip' readings? At Skylight maybe? Man, what an amazing novel that is, my friend. Lots of love to you! ** Chilly Jay Chill, Shit, I think I realized that I didn't alert you that I was posting your post yesterday. Sorry, yikes. Anyway, it was great, and thank you so vert much. Particularly surprised me ... hm. In a weird way, everything both surprised me and didn't at all. Hard to explain. No, didn't get to the Reversible Destiny site. Next trip. Really, there was so much to do and see, and even the lengthy-ish time we had there wasn't nearly enough. That island time sounds beautiful. Having just spent time on two amazing ferry-only islands in Japan, I can feel that. That's so exciting that you have your galleys! Take a photo. Much love back to you. ** Misanthrope, Hi, G. Oh, that's scary but ultimately okay news about David K's mini-stroke. Give him my love when you next speak to him, okay? Of course the situation with Little Show and his mom is horrible and depressing. Man, she sucks. She really sucks. I had to stay back one year in school. I had to do 8th Grade twice. After the bad news sunk in, it wasn't any big deal to actually do it. Especially in a new place where it'll all be new people/students around him. But that's my bright side talking. No sweat about the unload. Anytime, you know it. Love, me. ** Rewritedept, Hi. Glad your weeks were mellow, and I like that you're rehearsing, whatever the big picture turns out to be. And that you'll have a recharging, creativity directed summer. That sounds weird and very complicated about the return of your old best friend. I don't know. I guess feel it out and keep your/her history in mind until you're sure it's a good move? No America in August, no. October at the earliest, I think. Japan was superb. A quick read-through with a bit hazy eyes/mind of your haiku and other piece gave much pleasure, man. I'll reread them when/if coffee gives me myself back this afternoon. Maybe some novel work today, or at least some early work on one of my collaborative projects in motion. ** Armando, Hi, Armando! Thanks a lot, man. Hugs and wishes for a good day right back at you. ** Okay. Peruse my lists, if you like, and spill yours, if you like, and I'll see you tomorrow.


Bollo said...

Hi Dennis

yet again sorry for my absence, time has just gone doing what i dont know? but i have been haunting the posts here when ive had a chance :) hope your super well and that Japan was amazing!!!! you also made me do a few double takes with your list as in 'How did i miss this!' one being the Juia Holter album and the Aki Onda. need both of those in my life.

heres a list of stuff i liked from this year (mostly not released from this year)
Thomas Moore - The Night is an Empire (love luv lurve this andi owe him an email super soon too)
Adolofo Bioy Casares - The Invention of Morel
Alain Robbe-Grillet - Topology of a Phantom City + Project for a Revolution NY
Enrique Vila-Matas - Dublinesque
Steven Shaivro - Doom Patrols
Grant Morrison - Doom Patrol
Karl Ove Knasgaard - A death in the family
Bjarne Malgaard - A New Novel ( interesting things going on here)
Raimundas Malasauskas - Paper Exhibition
Hann Lippard - Nuances of No

thats off the top of my head and ive forgot a few things that should be there. also your list has a bunch of things i really want to read too


Kevin Drumm - Tannenbaum
Deerhunter - Monomania
Diamond Version - EPs
EVOL - Proper Headshrinker (loud when escape is needed)
Jonas Reinhardt - Mask Of The Maker
Laurie Spiegel - The Expanding Universe
Lee Gamble - Diversions 1994-1996 (late to this but its awesome as is his old jungle mix on soundcloud)
Mohammad - Som Sakrifis
Mykki Blanco - Betty Rubble: The Initiation
Nails - Abandon All Life
Susanne Sundfør - The Silicone Veil
Vladislav Delay - Kuopio
William Basinski - Nocturnes
Horse Meat Disco - Mixes all and any i can hear :)
Ensemble Pearl - Ensemble Pearl

films ive seen to little its sad i know :(
but dvd wise
House 1977 japanese one awesome
F for Fake


Nina Canell @ Mothers Tankstation http://www.motherstankstation.com/
Fergus Feehily @ Mothers Tankstation
both amazing shows and both lovely people too

Katy Moran @ Douglas Hyde Gallery

the bits of Alex Rose i got to see in various shows round ireland.

Tino Seghal - this situation

theres a few pieces in shows ive been looking after that are/were great too.
Serge Jessen, Simon Fujiwara, Peter Doig Film Poster paintings, and Henrik Olesen.

any of the Shows in Flood Gallery (even the one i was in was amazing to be part of)

anyway back to the application grind (shudder) maybe dip into the unknown things on your list first tho... see you sooner

Bollo said...

Hanne Lippard - Nuances of No (doh!)

Scunnard said...

Hey Dennis, welcome back! For me the jet lag is always worse going east to west... is that a thing or is it just me? Anyway, I hope you are having a nice, soothing, re-acclimatization. Do you have one of those little machines that make calming ocean noises or whales or sounds of the underpass? Actually my only experience with one of those was at staying at a relatives house years ago and they turned it on in my room to "sounds of a babbling brook" and I spent the worst night of my life thinking the dog was in my room and licking its foot, and feeling like I had to pee from the water noise. Anyway, I hope all is well and good to have you back. I love reading people's favorites lists as it gives me ideas and I like to see what people are looking at, but if I ever try to compile one I start realizing that I am very not up to date and all of my tastes are so in and out of time that it all becomes a bit useless!

Oscar B. said...

I don't have a list, booo me...I'm just here to say Hi! Welcome back Dennis! How was your trip? How are you? Want to hear about Japan! Meet soon yes?


Paul Curran said...

Dennis, Welcome back to the blog world from over here! Oh, yeah. No problem. I figured something like that. Most importantly, you guys had a mega great time! That first journey from Narita always blows my mind. An incredible place to say the least. Cool, I was just looking across to Shibuya from the roof of my uncle-in-laws place the other day. They've got an apartment in Shinjuku. Probably watch fireworks from there later in summer. Things are good. Settling back, feels a bit like I never left, back to writing. Can't wait to see your posts. You've seen more of Japan than I have. I think you'd love it in winter, such clear blue skies. I'll be around for sure.

Beautiful list.

DavidEhrenstein said...

Interesting list, Dennis.

What did you think of the Pasolini episode of RoGoPaG, Bollo?

DavidEhrenstein said...

Latest FaBlog: An American Abroad

Marcus Whale said...

Heya, just thought i'd pop in to reiterate that Haxan Cloak release is absolutely diabolical!


hey Dennis!!! nice list man, filled in some great gaps for me. had no idea there was a new Diane Williams. that Iceage album i have listened to way more times than i ever thought i would, nice to have something to repeat these days. i also like the new black pus album, sounds like the record lightning bolt had always meant to make.

hope you are good and keeping busy? i've kind of been out of it most of this year it seems, not sure where my head was/is, but slowly gathering it back. hopefully will cross paths with you soon!

luv, b

Bill said...

Great list, Dennis! A bunch of the fiction items are already on my to-read list, slapped on some more. And good catching tidbits of your trip from the p.s. Look forward to seeing more.

Yeah, for us non-Australians, it seems really far from... anywhere. I was pretty shocked when I noticed the Hong Kong-Sydney flight was 9 hours. Once you get there though...!

Marched with the Free Bradley Manning contingent yesterday. Great to see easily 200+ people in the group.

Have fun in Tokyo, Paul! I so need to get back there...

Ok, the lists. Books:

Tosh Berman, Sparks-Tastic
George Saunders, Tenth of December
Brian Allen Carr, Edie and the Low-Hung Hands
Michael Seidlinger, My Pet Serial Killer
Karen Russell, Vampires in the Lemon Grove

Movies (really really behind here):
Gore Vidal: the United States of Amnesia
Upstream Color

Terence Hannum, A.Y.P.S.
Tony Rizzi at Kunst-stoff, San Francisco
Night Light Multimedia Garden Party at SOMArts Gallery


The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

Hey Dennis,

Appreciate being on such a fine list. Here's mine, bookwise. Some overlap:

In The House On The Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods by Matt Bell

Mumbai New York Scranton by Tamara Shopsin

League of Somebodies by Samuel Sattin

This Is Between Us by Kevin Sampsell

Balloon Pop Outlaw Black by Patricia Lockwood

Scars of Mirrodin: The Quest for Karn by Robert Wintermute (This is a Magic: The Gathering novel, and it's absolutely nuts. Dark and moody and bloody.)

Crapalachia by Scott McClanahan (No offense to anyone else, but this is my favorite book of the year.)

Eagerly anticipating: Taipei by Tao Lin, Tampa by Alissa Nutting, Don't Kiss Me by Lindsay Hunter, Happy Talk by Richard Melo, American Dream Machine by Matthew Specktor, The Natural Dissolution of Fleeting-Improvised-Men: The Last Letter of H. P. Lovecraft by Gabriel Blackwell, My Pet Serial Killer by Michael Seidlinger, Border Run by Shya Scanlon

Lately I've been taking melatonin before bed and reading a few pages of Ken's book Solip, and that one has become one of my favorite waking dreams.

best to you,


Kiddiepunk said...


ps: let's hang tomorrow

The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

Realized I have some favorite art from this year, too. David Byrd:


He was 87 and had his first gallery show in April. He was diagnosed with lung cancer right before his flight to Seattle for the show. It was apparently his first-ever plane flight.

He worked in a VA hospital for a number of years, and some of my favorite David Byrd paintings came from that part of his life:


I'm particularly fond of Man Picking Up Cigarette.

Tosh Berman said...

Bill, thank you for mentioning my book!

Dennis, did you see L'ecume des jours? I don't know anyone who actually saw the film. My understanding is that it will open in Japan sometime this November. I'm curious because that film caused a lot of pain for me, but it worked out OK in the end. And I haven't seen the film!

And I know Hotel Claska VERY well. It is about six blocks away from my family home in Meguro. Lun*na and I often went there to meet friends for coffee. Without a doubt you must have passed my brother-in-law's interior shop Karf numerous times. Next door to the Royal Host, it is sort of the Japanese version of Denny's.

And interesting list of music, books, etc. Dennis do you get your books at places like Shakespeare & Co. or mostly through online. Same for music? Do you visit record shops in Paris. And how about record shops in Japan, did you go to any? Bookstores?

grant maierhofer said...

jesus Dennis, i'm completely honored you chose 'Ode' for this! a lot of carry over for my own list, i've recently received most of the books and am extremely excited to read 'em. a few i'd add are irritant by darby larson--it's out now, i just saw your previous p.s.--i started reading it a few days ago and although it's nearly impossible to put down (one paragraph) i've had to a bit to deal with life stuff; all the same, highly exciting that a book this ambitious is being published in 2013. a writer named Jacqueline Valencia is doing some fascinating stuff retyping Joyce, and offering resulting insights on her blog, as well as reading Kafka's The Metamorphosis and posting the audio on soundcloud, i've enjoyed following her efforts a great deal. tying to that, Kenneth Goldsmith is doing some interesting stuff lately. i'm not sure where i stand on his 'print out the entire internet' endeavor, but i'm glad such ambitious individuals still exist and are attempting to throw off the status quo. some others i jotted down after seeing your mid-2013 list, uh, Garett Strickland's general efforts and posts on HTMLGIANT have been fascinating. M. Kitchell's Zine Club has been a monthly facefuck and it always seems to come at exactly the right time. some bands that are active/have released stuff/that i've seen live in 2013 and are exciting are HOAX (spastic miserable hardcore) Condominium, whose work i shared on here previously, Gary War, John Maus (hasn't released much if anything in 2013, but some fascinating interviews have recently been posted on youtube and such, from what i gather he studied under slavoj zizek, which is fairly rad considering his efforts as a musician) deerhunter (duh), dolor (new album entitled misteria that i can't get enough of, plenty of free shit on soundcloud as well) and adoptahighway (these last two are friends, adoptahighway's black umbrella be inside is fantastic). i've enjoyed blake butler's recent vice pieces a great deal, as well as the short fiction he published in the nytimes op/ed section. i'm just getting into Karl Ove Knasgaard's My Struggle (the first volume, i think only 2 have been translated into english) and again, this is just extremely fucking exciting considering it's a massive, heady, Proustian novel being published in 2013, and from what i can tell he's extremely popular in Norway, where many people have already read the thing in its entirety. i enjoyed the new show 'The Fall' when it was finally posted on Netflix, gillian anderson rules. i enjoyed the new Evil Dead quite a bit. i got to see a two-night performance by the band Boris in chicago several weeks ago. on the second night they played most of their album Flood, and that was extremely powerful. also, Room 237, that obviously inspired the Kubrick thing i wrote/put together for the blog. oh, also, some great Tan Lin lectures/pieces exist on youtube that might've existed for longer than 2013, i'm not sure, but i'm really enjoying watching them.
again, thank you so fucking much for including my book on this list, it's an honor to be in such great company, and i appreciate it so much!
i hope all's well, i'm glad to see you're back!


_Black_Acrylic said...

@ DC, welcome back! Super happy to hear that Japan was such a blast. Your bumper Yuck 'n Yum box of goodies is still to be sent, but I'll give you a heads up the very second those wheels are in motion. In fact it'll be top of the agenda this weekend, as the YNY team are heading to Cove Park in the Scottish Highlands. We'll work on our zine strategy, make 2013 AGK plans, and generally plot world domination. I'll keep you posted on what transpires.

My best-of-the-year-so-far:

Film: Spring Breakers, all day long.
Music: Sandwell District - fabric 69
Art: Mike Kelley - Stedelijk, Amsterdam
Book: Laura Ellen Joyce - The Museum of Atheism
Theatre - Gisèle Vienne, DC - The Pyre, Pompidou, Paris of course!

In other internet news, benjackrobinson.com will be online in just a couple of weeks. My friend and YNY cohort Alex Tobin is working on something that will collect together all of my art, writing, film and karaoke videos in one place, even including my childhood drawings in a special 'juvenilia' section. It'll be my whole life's work, so I'm very excited to say the least.

Bill said...

Tosh, you're very welcome! It was a blast.

I forgot the music list, duh. Mostly been listening to old stuff. But:

Jeremiah Cymerman, Sky Burial
Christopher Redgate plays new music for oboe by Finnissy, Roxburgh etc (Metier)
John Butcher/Tony Buck/Magda Mayas/Burkhardt Stangl, Plume

Bill, braced for more snippy remarks from David Ehrenstein about whistleblowers

Ian Tuttle said...

Aw man, DC, this is the best. I don't know anyone else who combs through so much artistic output and can make such informed recommendations. Thank you.

Taipei!! It'll be like electric koolaid acid test, or less than zero... the book that people read 30 years from now to understand what it's like to be alive now.

Only thing I want to add is:
--Andrew Bird & the mysterious production of eggs.
--Bill Callahan: Apocalypse

but those aren't new releases, just things I only recently learned about.

Looking forward to hearing your take on Japan.

Ciao ciao ciao

heliotrope said...

Hey D! So...lots of pics of your trip coming soon?? That would be very cool. As an armchair traveler --and lover of all things Japanese-- I would love some brainfood from you.

Yeah, it's been excruciatingly hot here but I'm generally good with that as long as this son of a redhead stays out of the sun! As usual not a whole lot to report from our end...a good thing I suppose as the "crisis cycle" seems to have mellowed out for the time being.

Well there is still the ever present crazy neighbor issue. But there is nothing I can do about that...except save money to build "The Wall of Kong"! Even that would probably make the guy get all "Silverback" on me. In the meantime I ignore the weirdness to the best of my abilities.

Our area has shifted demographics insanely...gone are the Botanicas and bakeries, cheap small mom and pop stores, and general hispanic cool stuff. Now it's French restaurants, overpriced record stores, hip bars, facial haired new pholks (that's folks w/ phones literally attached to their heads at all times). But it's all good...the kids seem all right. I just miss hearing Spanish being spoken everywhere.

Oh...I read a quote from Todd the Runt about cell phones..."Cell phones are like heroin. It's best to never start." Got to love Todd!

As to books or whatever...

Tosh's book...Sparks-Tastic

that's all I have to offer. And it seems that Tosh has had quite an influence on a number of people I know who are dedicated followers of fashion. Sparks are being bandied about in glowing terms by people who used to dismiss them without a thought! For that...Tosh should get a medal!

Anyway...Tour de France ya know. It actually ends at night this year on the Champs! That would be cool and weird I think...so I also think you should go see the nighttime spectacle!

Love love love you.
Can't wait for Japan stories and general info on your eastern Pac Rim successes!


steevee said...

think LEVIATHAN is a US/UK/French co-production, so it should eventually play France.

Did 808S & HEARTBREAK impress you any more than the rest of Kanye's work? I think it's a really original album, updating classic soul (a la Marvin Gaye's HERE, MY DEAR) with electronics in a manner that uses AutoTune in innovative ways. Also, he managed to do an entire album about breaking up with his fiancee without calling her any gendered slurs, or even using profanity. Rappers as different as Drake and Future would sound much different without it.

Alana Noel Voth said...

Hi Dennis,

I'm reading a book called Desperado right now by Manuel Ramos that's high on characterization and atmosphere and mystery, salsa too. Love it! I also enjoyed Rhiannon Held's Silver and look forward to Benjamin Percy's book, Red Moon (Werewolves abound!) I can't wait to read it Alissa Nutting's book, Tampa. Casey Hannon's collection was splendid. With you there. I also loved Billie the Bull by xTx.

I LOVE xTx and dedicated one of the stories in my collection, "Reservoir Bitch," to her.

Music. I'm listening to a bunch of old stuff. Really into The Eagles and Bob Segar. Duran Duran!

Movies? Dunno.

TV. Very little. Cancelled cable. But I did buy a season pass to watch The Killing on I-Tunes. When I watch it, I like to imagine how I'd transfer scenes to prose. Holder's hot too.

Hugs and kisses.


Patrick deWitt said...

I miss it so much (Paris). I know I'll be there in November but hopefully before then, too. I was playing with the idea of coming this month but have decided to keep working instead. I've got a December deadline looming. What's your deal with the Recollets? Are they going to let you live there forever or what?
I do hope you can either re-visit or salvage the Miles book. It sounded really special.
This is a great list, btw.
Got this adorable little baby hangover and I'm off to Home Depot to buy an a/c unit for the apt.

Sypha said...

Dennis, well, at the very least it's quiet up here, though it has been very cloudy and rainy, which hasn't been helping my depression (well, that and the fact that I've been ill for weeks now). Rebel Satori might be interested in putting out a new edition of "Confusion" so I've been reading that over (maybe that has been adding to my depression, ha ha). Went to a CD store today and got a best of Cd by The Smiths along with "Bitches Brew" by Miles Davis. Been reading the nee Ministry book which is kind of ugh. OK, that's enough for now.

Misa I will message you when I get back on Saturday. If you talk to David soon let him know I wish him well.

S. said...

Nights In White Satin

kier said...

hey dennis, thats some decent advice, thanks. i havent been blocked like this before, or at least not in a long time, but im sure itll pass eventually. great day today, i really needed one of these. gonna check out some of your recommendations as soon as possible. i dont have a list, but one thing im happy for this year are the new episodes of arrested development.

i did sleep well, but then i overslept, ouch. anyway, good night to you.

Thomas Moronic said...

Hey Dennis.
I'm really glad that your trip was as fantastic as you hoped.

Thanks so much for putting my book on your list - I was wandering if you'd managed to grab a copy yet - thanks!x

I'm on a train and writing on my phone but I'll have a think and try and come up with a list when I get the chance. Lots of I retesting stuff on yours to chase up and explore.

And thanks Bollo! Talk soon!

rewritedept said...


let's see, what am i really enjoying from this year? music wise, i think all i've heard are the new deerhunter and deafhaven albums, which are both definitely up there. still haven't heard the new FLips album, and i'm waiting very impatiently for 'circumambulation,' the new one by true widow, which i know will be boner-inducing in only amazing ways. there's some recent boris stuff i need to get too, and let's be totally honest, since my house burned down i couldn't give you a proper answer i think anyway. there's a new black lips coming out soon that should be awesome. as far as film, the only new movies i've seen this year were 'monsters university,' which, i will reiterate, is adorable, and 'this is the end,' which was stupid but made me laugh like crazy. and i'm 99% positive that the only new book i've read this year was hell's autobio, which i did love.

i will say, for the record, that seeing spiritualized was mind-blowing and definitely my favorite concert of the year so far. i don't think it'll stay on top of the list since fyf is going to be amazing and i get to finally see mbv (which reminds me, that's probably my favorite album of this year and maybe the next couple as well). dennis, i've only been waiting forfuckingever basically to see shields and co. live.

rewritedept said...
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S. said...

LOL Black belt Jones is a classic. It was right up there with Pulp Fiction, I Shot Andy Warhol, 2001, Altered States, The Song Remains The Same, etc. Fuzzily, I'm very fuzzy, I ask myself everyday if I did something I don't remember, like shot somebody or something LOL. Haha. The new Sabbath is terribly fucking scarily fucking righteous. Emo, Emo, Emo. Russia is prolly hell on earth. America is hell on earth. I hate the place I live. I kept thinking I moved away, I did enough to break the culture, but I need the urbane life. Imma find me a city soon. Mine for yours, I can recommend uh... the new AIC, large doses of piano, seeing your first, this is like impossible to say, "ghost", and don't forget about naval ghost stories, Robbe-Grillet, Sartre, and modern paintings. I'll be checking your stuff this evening. Rock & Roll

PS. Spring Break

S. said...

PSS. Falling in Love, half falling in Love, and getting perturbed and confused about what you are doing with your lief, sorry, had to say lief

Chris Dankland said...

Oh shit, there’s a new Joy Williams book? I’ll probably end up ordering the e-version of it and reading most of that tonight, that’s very exciting to me.

Hey Dennis, welcome back! I’m looking forward to seeing the blog post about some of your travels, while you were gone every so often I’d read the blog and wonder ‘wonder what Dennis is doing right now, hmm…’ I really liked the re-runs you picked too, the blog kept me very interested/entertained while you were gone.

Thanks so much for the shout outs about my ebook and my blog! I feel really flattered and encouraged to be included in such good company…I don’t want to sound like too much of a fanboy but even the fact that you read something I wrote makes me feel really good about myself.

I really like ‘list days’ like this, I always end up finding a bunch of new things I like. I’m half-way through Solip right now, I feel really strongly attracted to that book right now…I’ve been reading it out loud to myself late at night. It makes me feel really re-energized about writing and language. Anyway it’s just a coincidence that I’ve been thinking a lot about that book lately.

Some things I liked from this year (a lot of my favorite books from this year are already on your list, so I won’t repeat them):

The Collected Works of Noah Cicero Vol. 1 – Noah Cicero
Sins of Omission – DJ Berndt
Every September Since 2005 – Paige Gresty
Rontel – Sam Pink
(these books came out a couple years ago, but I only read them recently)
The Ninjas – Jane Yeh
Trees of the Twentieth Century – Stephen Sturgeon

Tomorrow’s Harvest – Boards of Canada
Sadboys2001 – Yung Lean
Indicud – Kid Cudi

Lords of Salem

Megan Boyle’s liveblog


I’d enjoy getting in a conversation with you about the liveblog sometime…don’t want to take up too much space in the comments but I’d be interested in gauging your interest in that. It’s kind of changed a bit since it started, for very understandable reasons…I think the ideal of trying to catalogue every single hour of the day would burn out anybody, and she’s being less revealing about certain aspects of her life, particularly relationships with other people, which is also very understandable. It’d be a big strain to have romantic relationships or friendly relationships with other people with them knowing that [x] amount of people might be reading full accounts of everything they did or said. And it’s not really a pure ‘live’blog, it’s more like ‘writing down some interesting stuff that happened yesterday or a couple days ago’blog…I think it'd be impossible to constantly update things as they happen, that'd be so overwhelming.

Eventually there will be a way to install twitter in your brain, so everything that appears in your brain just gets automatically posted online. And then the great writers will be whoever thinks the most interesting stuff on a regular basis. I hope that happens someday, that’d be really scary and cool. I like the endlessness of the liveblog a lot. Like the internet is very good at immediacy, but all these internet based writing ‘genres?’ like twitter or blogs keep fucking with the narrative idea of a clear beginning, middle, and end, and the idea of ‘climax’ and ‘resolution’ and things like that. Things just keep going and going, without end.

Anyway, thanks again for everything! Glad you’re back, talk to you later…

rewritedept said...


yeah the former best friend thing. she texted me last night drunk and already started in with the things i knew she would, accusing me of abandoning her for telling her that if she went back out with an abusive guy after she got me and a couple other friends all worked up over him hitting her, that she would be persona non grata from then on. i have a lot of faults, and my loyalty can be the biggest one, but when my loyalty and protective nature are abused or taken advantage of, i usually will remove the loyalty abuser from my life. which i did. and now i'm thinking i probably shouldn't meet up with her. just doesn't seem like a good idea.

oh, shit, there was one eventful thing that happened while you were gone. i almost choked to death on a lemonhead at work. i chewed the candy and swallowed it, but instead of making its way down my esophagus to be digested with all the other candy i'd eaten that day, it instead got lodged on my epiglottis, making it impossible for me to draw a breath. being that, even at my best, i am an idiot, i figured the best course of action to take to be able to breathe again would be to drink a big gulp of water, hoping, i guess, that it would wash the offending candy down my throat. yeah, no. that just made it harder to breathe. finally, about 45 seconds into my near-death experience, i managed to convey to a coworker that i was choking and needed to be slapped on the back, again not withh the universally recognized and correct motions of putting one's hands near the throat to show that one can't breathe, but instead by pointing at my back repeatedly and then slapping his back a few times to, i hoped, get the message across that i needed to be slapped on the back a few times to see if that would make me breathe again. after the fact, i laughed and laughed and laughed.

oh, i guess i did enjoy stephen malkmus' ege bamyasi cover album that came out this year, but more as a novelty than anything i would listen to all the time. ok, must do something today. just not sure what. talk soon.


Chris Dankland said...

Oh also I shortened the web address for neato mosquito recently, the new address is:


Just did it to make it easier to remember, and because I don't want to limit myself too much with the 'alt lit' label, I like a lot of writing besides alt lit. Just a quick PSA in case anyone clicked the old link and wondered where the tumblr went.

Alan Hoffman said...

Hey, Dennis!

It was at this very time last year that I began reading your blog, so this is a kind of happy anniversary. I embarrassed to admit that I made so little time to read this year but the books that I found most intriguing came from Peter Sotos: the reissues of Mine and Tool and the stellar new Pure Filth. My most anticipated book to begin now is my crazy friend Gene Gregorits' Dog Days 2.

Music: Oren Ambarchi & Merzbow - Cat's Sqirrel; Paul Metzger - Tombeaux; Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie Prince Billy - What The Brothers Sang; Chris Corsano and Bill Orcutt - The Raw and The Cooked; the Mutiilation reissues; and, of course, The Fall - Re-Mit...Looking forward to hearing the new Burzum which is all ambient and electronic apparently.

Films: I also choose Post Tenebras Lux and Spring Breakers, along with...Hors Satan; all three films in Ulrich Seidl's Paradise Trilogy; Sergei Loznitsa's In The Fog; Joao Pedro Rodrigues and Joao Rui Guerra da Mata's The Last Time I Saw Macao; Resnais' You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet; Jean-Claude Brisseau's Girl From Nowhere; and the best, so far, Kleber Mendonca Filho's Neighboring Sounds.

There are many more in each category, but each mention here is notable for some reason or another. Hope you find something of interest.

Chilly Jay Chill said...

Great lists from everyone - always nice to see what people are checking out.

Dennis - So many things on your list I want to check out but haven't yet. What's that new Joy Williams collection? Curious that it was put out by such a small press. And what is the new Baths like? Somehow I had written them off, but thinking now maybe I've been confusing them with someone else. Interesting to see that you liked Mud - the trailer here was so treacly that I couldn't muster up the enthusiasm, but taking trailers at face value is always dicey. So the movie isn't emotionally manipulative? What's the general tone of it?

My mind is too frazzled to make too many lists.

On the music front:
I've been super impressed by BLACK HOST's Life in the Sugar Candle Mines. A mix of free jazz, electronic textures, and post-punk guitar, but those components are combined to make something lush and vivid more than coruscating. Really fascinating.

Reading wise:
xTx, Sparks-Tastic, Blake's Sky Saw, Solip, Megan McShea's Toad Mountain, and just starting to wade into the new William Gass.

Upstream Color
Spring Breakers
To the Wonder
Before Midnight
Something in the Air
Top of the Lake
Like Someone in Love

gary gray said...
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Flit said...

I never feel informed enough to make list.

In A Lonely Place



Testpressing(s) #001 #002 #003


New History Warfare Vol. 3

Or just to obsessive compulsive to make list. I am reeling in what I didn't include: Syclops-A Blink Of An Eye,Vereker- Fear Eats The Soul, Rosite, Function- Incubation(! ) Clouds, Anno Stamm, Coh, Orphx, Ame..... fuck me.

'Taipei’ is tight, right.
Extra Bonus: the awkward critical strip tease its creating: stretching for an axe while exposing the pimples on your ass, hilarious.

Thank you for the relay.
The priorities of a brokeass interwebs over phone service, cigarettes over food and on and on...
Shit, I am glad that David is doing well. What a fucked year for him. I don't know what to say? Or if anything I say could be helpful at all. I believe David needs to be heard and I am thankful for your ear. Your a good man, Sir. Respect.

gary gray said...

Oops I deleted my comment. Let me try at again

! Welcome back! I cant wait till you update us with yr experence! I saw the oval hotel you posted on fb. What a dream!My list will be quite short
Books: Woke Up Lonely - Fiona Maaze
All that is - James Salter
La Boutique Obscure: 124 Dreams - Georges Perec
Old book: Là-bas j.k. Huysmans
Philosophy: animal shelter issue 2
Music: Siena - aaron dilloway
Unsilent death - nails
The art of self-defense - high on fire
K Town Born/Holy City Raised - corky traxman
Movies: to the wonder
Gilles Deleuze From A to Z
A Korean bootleg of spring breakers with crap English subtitles
Art: garry winogrand at sfmoma
Thats about it... oh! While you were in japan did the birds have accents? ive always wonderd if species of birds sounded different on island nations.You know I love you - will

Flit said...

Who put the A in Demdike?

While I am here


Ken Baumann said...


Thank you, yet again, for surrounding SOLIP with such good company. Honored.

We spent a few days on Naoshima! We stayed at Benesse! We stayed in another building, though. And yeah, the massive Monets and Turrells at Chichu was my favorite. Did you go to Minamidera, the Turrell art house? My god… My favorite installation piece. Felt so uncanny; like death. Yeah, that restaurant in the museum was good… Kaiseki is so intense and gluttonous and artful. We ate kaiseki about six times: there, at the Park Hyatt, at our ryokan in Kyoto (the best meals, by far). Did you stay at a ryokan while you were in Japan? Tell me more about your Tokyo experience, if you can.

Passed the hi & hugs to Michael today, and he said "That feels great." and then about five seconds later "Now tell Dennis to come home." Hah! I agree. We went to the Turrell retrospective today, then gassed over to Arclight and saw Almodovar's new movie (titled I'M SO EXCITED! here in the US). What a weird fucking combo… the sacred & the profane. Both perverse in a way. Both fun. I'M SO EXCITED was pretty fucking funny.

Doing more SOLIP readings. One at Stories on August 1st, and then I'll definitely try to do a Skylight one. You in town in October, huh? Maybe I'll try to time it so you're in town for it.


jheorgge said...

morning dennis,

i have to rush to get a train to london, but i really wanna post a list, so expect one from me later on- i was lucky enough to catch the mike kelley amsterdam show though, and that was and remains a huge inspiration. just stunning.

thanks for the kind words re: chemo treatment/recovery. it was alright at first, steroids being a big help, but once the alopecia started (very odd to be picking out bits of beard and moustache) and then the indescribable fatigue and exhaustion it really kind of brought me down, to put it mildly! looks like it's working though, they need to biopsy my spleen cause there's a fear the lymphoma has spread to there but i guess i'm trying not to think about that until it's dealt with.

oh, and you kindly asked for a link to the stuff i've been putting on bandcamp. it's here judith prietht. the 3-track EP 'untitled at birth' is what i'd recommend, or is what i'm happiest with. the other thing is a compilation from many moons ago and not exactly reprasentative of the stuff i'm working on.but yeah if you wanted to bless any of it with yr listening attention that'd be an honour :)

speak soon d,


DavidEhrenstein said...


DavidEhrenstein said...

The Flavor of Edward Snowden Over Rice