Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thomas Moronic presents ... EVERYTHING IS FUCKED 5

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p.s. Hey. Today's post-shaped greetings come courtesy of Thomas Moronic who bestows upon us the fifth configuration in his legendary EVERYTHING IS FUCKED series. It's a happy day in DC's, in other words. Please smile beatifically in language form in his direction, thank you. And thanks a ton, Mr. T! ** White tiger, Math! Aw, thanks, pal. I love you too! ** Matthew, Hi, man. Oh, man, you have so inspired a concentrated google search right there with that Colon, Michigan thing. And can a related blog post be far behind? Probably no doubt. It sounds like the weirdest heaven. Thank you! Got your email, and I think Thursday should work perfectly, it being in all likelihood a semi-day-off for me. I'm in the 10th arr. Let's coordinate. The train strike is a real thing. My friend Zac and I were supposed to train to Le Mans today to check out a film location, and now we're going by rental car by necessity. Whoa, Cal Arts! That's very exciting! Another friend of mine is starting at Cal Arts this September. Oh, you can certainly make the institution work to your benefit. Think new comrades, resources, access, etc. etc. Anyway, hopefully we can talk all about that tomorrow. Kevin Drumm is playing here tomorrow night, if that's of interest. ** Bill, Hi, B. Ah, shit, about the IRCAM gig. I'll be driving through the French countryside in the direction of Paris while it's happening. Damn, piss, shit. Oh, well. The trailer looks fantastic! Thank you. ** HyeMin Kim, Hi. Interesting that you were introduced to his work by an American critic. Perhaps he's one of those artists who's more appreciated outside his own country? I don't know. I'm still new to him. Thank you for the further song suggestion. I'll listen to it shortly. I would love to have that essay in a blog friendly form, needless to say. Yes, know that I'm very interested indeed! Zizek seems like he'd be a weird interview, or I mean that interviewing him would make an interviewer feel weird, yeah. I don't think I'm much of a fan of his. I was on the fence for a long time, but lately I think I've lost interest or something, I'm not sure why exactly. ** Timmyfatlips, Hey! I already thanked you, pixelated face to pixelated face, via the magic that is Skype technology, for commenting here, but, heck, I'll do it again since textual thanks have a whole different vibe or something. Thank you. It was super fun to talk and see you and the other guys and the room in which the cyber is becoming motion-filled and concrete and all that stuff. Anyway, yeah, if it feels fun and suits your purposes, please reenter the comments arena. That would be sweet. Great day to you! ** Torn porter, Hay to you! Yeah, and the hamster hotel isn't so very far away from Paris either. Tomorrow could very well work. Or maybe Friday. I'm sorry to be so scattered in my sense of what my time holds. It's a bit crazy and improvisatory these days. But I think maybe tomorrow. I'm gone all day and evening today, but let's confer in the morning, yes? Have a blast, and hugs to Ratty! ** David Ehrenstein, Ha ha, I'm sure you can imagine the look on my face as I imagine a clothing optional hotel located in Palm Springs. But you know how I love spooky houses, ha ha. ** Scunnard, Hi, J. A day at Amoeba, oh, sigh and drool and so forth. Dude, forking over more dough than is your want on records is okay in a hand-basket, as my grandma used to say. Yes, I want a copy. What do you think?!? Of course I do. Yeah, the film project is both gearing up and literally happening at the same time. It's pretty great! There isn't a whole lot of everything else right now. Some novel, some this and that. It's all really good. I'm a happy camper du jour. Enjoy another day in LA. What did you do? Tell me. ** Kier, Hi, K. If you click this, you'll see a map of Kongeparken. You see where the main entrance is at the bottom? If you walk in it and immediately turn left onto the first white path, it will be on your right pretty much as soon as you pass those buildings. Or that's where it was, if you want to check. If it's there, can you take a photo of it, or, I guess, if it's not there, can you take a photo of where it was? But, oh, I so hope it's still there. Scary. Wait, you said your day was scary. It seemed like maybe you mean scary in a good way? I hope so. Yeah, I'm very interested to hear about the big thing whenever you feel like talking about it. Love galore to you! ** Keaton, Hey, K-ster! Ooh, awesome, more you-generated memes. Can I offer you an official invitation to do a you-generated meme post for this here blog if that idea ever strikes you as a fruitful and fun one? Everyone, maestro of the emo stack turned maestro of the meme, Keaton, has a new display of his mighty wares up on his blog, and, yeah, I strongly suggest be with it. Love is awesome. You should totally fall into it. Why are you a fucking mess? I think my favorite Breeders album is 'Title TK', which is probably a weird choice. Thank you kindly! ** MANCY, Hey, buddy! So great to see you! How did school finish up? You good or even better? ** Chris Goode, Hi, Chris! It was so nice to see you with Skype's help, even if it was mostly seeing a slice of you bobbing and weaving in and out of the the left side of the frame. It was really nice to see everybody else too. Everybody's so nice and looks the nice part as well. I hope my blah blah was helpful. Trousers are coming off? Yowza! You guys don't say pants over there? That's interesting. Do people in your neck of the earth still call cigarettes fags openly and without fear of recrimination? I've been wondering that. You picked a real goodie there with 'Tractor Rape Chain'. I approve. Null Stern, right? Such a good name. For an album, for ... gosh, I can't think of a single thing whose public image wouldn't be improved upon by that name. More to come, awesome! Bring it on. Don't spare my or our anything! Know that I'm so into what you guys are doing that I literally almost just typed the words 'I'm with you in spirit', which is really, really a sign of something. Love from me to you and to the whole bunch! ** Schlix, Hi, Uli. The discrepancy between the awesomeness of the name Null Stern and the unpleasantness that would surely ensue were one to actually stay at that hotel is quite remarkable. I kind of think I would really like to stay in that public bathroom hotel for reasons I can not explain even to myself. ** Michael_karo, Whoa, Michael! Long time in-mega-deed! Everybody and his brother has copies of 'Gone', and here I am practically next door to its source, and I still haven't seen a copy yet. French post, I curse the day it was formulated in the form it has taken. I did not know that about Steven Stayner's brother. Wow, what a weirdly cursed family. There are, I think, maybe three Steven Stayner books? You sound really good, pal. That new Mac is going to feel so nice. Nothing like a new computer almost. Do try to de-stranger yourself around here. That would be cool! Big love from me. ** Misanthrope, Yeah, I loved 'Hogan's Heroes' as a kid for the same reasons. Not as much as I loved this now kind of forgotten show of the same era called 'F Troop'. I have no idea why I liked that one so much. Right, oldie stations. Like ... what's the one called ... TV Land? I loved 'Lost in Space' so much when I was a kid too. I used to have this poster on my wall of Dr. Smith teaching the robot how to paint. My address, right. Hold on. I'll send it to you right now before I forget. Hold on. Sent! ** Sypha, That makes sense. I mean that you would like that hotel. Dominic Savio is too Josh Groban or Charlotte Church or something for me. A science fiction series is a cool idea. Like a traditional one or like avant-garde or like perverse or like ... ? I know next to nothing about sci-fi fiction, as you know. Go for it. Huh, I like that you're handwriting a book about Providence. That idea is weirdly very exciting! ** Postitbreakup Hi, Josh! Thanks for answering Chris's questions. I'm a being a silent reader of people's answers for the obvious reason. I like you online, and I'm sure I'd like you even more in person. That just makes total sense. I don't think you'd try to blow me. I'm sure I'm less blowable seeming in person, ha ha. I'm sorry about the house. It was really weird when my mom sold the house I grew up in. But then it felt like an anchor being raised on the past or something positive after a while. No apology necessary, my pal. You know me better than that. I'm really sorry that you're feeling so low. I'll make you a cheer-up post. Anything you want. Name it. ** Steevee, Hi. Oh, shit, that sucks about the obstacle to making your film. Yeah, if you want experienced actors, that makes it tough. We're auditioning our first actual actor with screen credits and theater reputation and so on next week, and there are already hoops we're being told that we'l have to deal with and/or crawl through if we end up wanting to cast him. I hope you find a way through that and can make the film somehow, man. ** Derek McCormack, Hi, Derek! No, I haven't been to La Maison de la Magie Robert-Houdin. I don't think I even knew about it. Blois is a bit of a ways away from Paris, but not an insurmountable distance. Huh. If you come over let's go! There are, like, a billion little museums here. The exploration possibilities do seem as though they're never ending. I've never heard of Julian D'Ys, but I'm going to google that person straight away. That could make a really nice blog post, hm, yum. I'll try. I think ... hm, maybe I'm wrong, but I think maybe Gisele knows Martin Margiela. Or maybe, wait, she knows someone who dated him? Or still dates him? That might be it. I'll ask her. She knows everybody. She (and me too to some degree) is friends with Dominique Gonzalez-Forrester, the visual artist who designed all of the Balenciaga stores' interiors until I guess there was some horrible firing of their head designer a while back who everybody here likes very much, and I think she then ordered them to remove all of the interior designs she did because she was pissed off. But I don't if that removal happened. She's really, really cool: Dominique. Oh, you can be all 'moi, moi, moi' and I will gratefully and hopefully gracefully be all 'tu, tu, tu'! Oh, do you know about this: The Vent Haven ConVENTion. It's the annual big ventriloquists convention that takes place at the big/tiny ventriloquism museum in Kentucky every year. I might be going. It's in July. Gisele is going, and she wants me to go 'cos of the big ventriloquism theater piece we're working on, and I'm not sure if I can. It sounds like it would be kind of scary, but maybe good scary, I can't tell. Meta-love to you, dear Derek! ** Right. Go back up there and get mindfucked by Thomas Moronic, thank you. I'm about to go rent then sit inside a rental car heading towards Le Mans, France where Zac and I will spend the day scouting film locations. And you? See you tomorrow.


Keaton said...

I will someday. Love is complicated. I think love to me is just a fun sort of objectification. Alienation. Guilt. I had a favorite Breeders album but I can't remember it. I think I liked Pod best. Haha, a meme day, sure. How challenging. Now you've got my brains jiggling and stuff. I will get on it right away.

Thomas! ::does the Everything Is Fucked Dance::
These are phenom man. Thanks!

DavidEhrenstein said...

Everything is Fucked save for that kitty getting brushed. My cat Kuro LOVES being brushed.

Here's the "Everything is Fucked" dance

DavidEhrenstein said...

Latest FaBlog: Bratwurst

Scunnard said...

Hi Dennis, yes money spent on music is always well spent and it was a bit like a kid in a candy store as a lot of this stuff can't be found in the UK and vinyl is like twice as expensive there in general especially with the exchange. I just sent you a portion of what I have been working on with the Winchester stuff and my convoluted logic! If you have time I'd be curious what you think? We were going to go see the Mike Kelley show, but remember to check the museum hours at the last moment and realised they are closed so didn't drive all the way for nothing. I think we'll try to go again this weekend. Today I think we are just having a lazy day and driving around with my friend Maryam while she runs errands (this is a bit of a tradition). Good news on the filming, that whole process is exciting.

Scunnard said...

Thomas Moronic, thanks for today. I always love these posts!

alan said...

I loved that Fanzine interview, Dennis.

steevee said...

The hoops you have to jump through to work with "professional" actors (and none of the people I want to use are even close to being "name" actors) are really maddening. I'm thinking of going the Kickstarter route, but I'm afraid I wouldn't raise enough money and that the effort of sending out prizes would become a distraction.

Have you heard Cock Sparrer? I've heard several people recommend them as the one good Oi! band. I downloaded their debut album, SHOCK TROOPS, over the weekend. They don't even sound particularly Oi! to me - the production is fairly slick and there are no football terrace shout choruses. It's a pretty good punk album, with roots in glam bands like Slade and the Sweet, although I can see how some of the lyrics, particularly "England Belongs To Me," could be appropriated by the right wing.

_Black_Acrylic said...

@ Thomas, these GIF fests are a relentless source of pleasure, and EiF5 continues that.

@ DC, hope the location scouting turned up something good or even great.

I forecast some interesting news stories over the coming days. Verdicts are due in the phone hacking trial, which could have seismic effects re media and political power. I've made my dislike of that whole Murdoch racket pretty clear over the last few months, and I'm hoping they get sent down.

Oh yeah and the World Cup starts tomorrow, yay! Brazilian residents are protesting against inequality and that's got FIFA rattled, which is good, but I'm excited about the tournament itself, of course. I actually think there's a chance England might do alright this time. Everything in elite level sport depends on on such fine margins that I'm not making any predictions, though. Hmm okay then, Brazil to play Argentina in the final, and Argentina to win.

Mikel Motorcycle said...

@Thomas: This is great, thanks!

@Chris Goode: Will try to get my thoughts together about your project and write something up by end of week.

@DC: Glad to hear your film is coming along, sounds exciting! Look forward to hearing more about it.

Bill said...

Ah bummer about missing the gig, Dennis. Hope you and Zac had a productive time in the countryside.

Schlix, what are you up to in Karlsruhe? The temperature has thankfully dipped today, whew.

Hi Alan!


DavidEhrenstein said...

Latest FaBlog: "Archbishop Costanza Will See You Now"

Chris Goode said...

Hey D,

Such an interesting day in the room today. Man I wish you were with us! It was such a fucking Wednesday, you know? Like yesterday felt like such a lucid day -- discoveries that feel like liberation, like release and expansion; and then talking with you, which everybody loved. And then today the discoveries felt like complication, and torsion, and resistance somehow, even though there was still a lot of fluency and plenty of clothes discarded, ha ha. I should read to the guys tomorrow the stuff you say in the interview in GONE, about the value of confusion. I totally felt that today. Anyway so everyone seemed a bit down at the end of the day -- I think there's some tiredness too, it's intense, we're immersed in this thing every waking moment just now. Except for tonight when some of the guys went to see Peter Brook's new show. Apparently it's terrible. I'm so pleased. We can do something with the energy of not being that.

Yeah we say trousers, I guess, though I try not to say trousers because it seems such an inherently preposterous word. Obviously we do have pants as well but pants serves as underpants in the same way that flammable means inflammable. Anyway I'll see if we can get some pants shed tomorrow too. Actually we've had a little of that already, but far from a sufficiency. Nor has time and correctness stopped me from referring to fags. As in, I'm going to get these fucking fag actors out of their pants if it's the last thing I do. (It might be.)

Using the blog as a pretext I took a lot of photos today and felt magnificently creepy. Also I had the pleasure of introducing the young'uns to Throbbing Gristle today. The band, obvs. We watched them doing 'Discipline' twice, thirty years apart. Amazing. We should thank Sypha, btw, it was his Throbbing Gristle days from 2012 that inspired it.

I'm really sorry to everyone who's talked back to the weekend and its questions -- I still haven't managed to thank most people for their amazing contributions. I will, I swear. Hopefully some time tomorrow.

Dennis I was thinking about hotels -- the Null Stern not least. How much I prefer a super-anonymous crappy Travelodge kind of hotel to anything swanky or chintzy or in any way distinctive. I've been spending some time in a swanky hotel the past few weeks and tbh I didn't like it very much. Too creepy. How are you with hotels? Do you like a little quirky? Or bland corporate-shabby like me? I remember agonizing when you came to London and I had to book you into a hotel on hardly any budget... Good times.

T_M you are an evil genius, but you know that. Today is such a DC's-avant-la-lettre post. Very lovely and discomposing.

OK I must stop yapping.

loves all

darren anderson said...

sometimes i believe 'the wildest summer that i ever knew / i had a flat tire down memory lane' is the most beautiful lyric daniel johnston has ever written. but maybe i just believe it cuz i understand.

sometimes i believe adam lanza is the most beautiful boy i have ever seen. all i wanna do with my days is write down what i feel for him.

i listen to daniel johnston and i ache impossibly. everything is fucked. i'm useless and damaged and i love you.

sometimes i believe 'slacker' by richard linklater rescued me cuz it helped me believe in the possibility of a world. 'pink flamingos' by john waters, too.

'teenage satanists in oklahoma' and 'teenage satanists in oklahoma 2' by michael salerno. 'a crackup at the race riots' and 'the collected fanzines' by harmony korine. just do it. living the life.

i go to a bathhouse and i let my movements be governed by numerology and magical thinking. put my dick inside a boy i've loved from afar since the age of eighteen and feel weird cuz this boy is a cumdump and i'm a cumdump too i wanna hold his hand and say let's be cumdumps together. get poppered up with a different boy i've loved from afar since like two hours ago. then do stuff. i'm a good kisser because i don't feel fear i feel love.

sometimes i believe operation northwoods is what made me believe. sometimes i believe project mkultra is what made me believe. sometimes i believe the tuskegee syphilis experiment is what made me believe. sometimes i believe adam lanza didn't even exist.

but what if he did. what is 'everything is fucked' inside the brain of an autistic boy.

pastel blue long johns, cream vest, boy hand, saturn cube, lucifer.

Nick salty lips said...

Hey Dennis,

Beautiful to meet you via pixelated magic cyber square the other night... The word 'fuckable' feels so painfully hot in your mouth which i guess is doubly (or even tripley) hot coz you're older than my Dad.

My lips still taste of salt as I write this because I had loads of sachets of it snowed all over me in the rehearsal room today - not sure why. But it made my skin sting and that's certainly no bad thing.

I have to say the hotel post blew my mind a little bit... I've always had this weird fantastical fascination with Motels, generally ones dripping in blue neon and itching with outbreaks of cheap plastikky looking greenery. Maybe even a chlamydia ridden corpse floating in a dolphin shaped swimming pool or something? Anyway I think the hotel post spoke to that part of me in some way. I wanna get down and dirty at the salt palace place (yeah, still very much in a salty frame of mind/should probably take a shower)

Chris set us homework tonight. He's such a bitch like that.

Though he also said we don't have to do it.

He's so confusing like that.

But he also said just do it it we feel we want to.

He's so lovely and amazing and sensitive and generous like that (he may or may not be holding a gun to my head as I type this now)...

Anyway. Just wanted to make contact. Say hi. Tell you that I only just managed to scrub the biro scribble of 'slut' off my chest after today's theatrical antics. It all got pretty fucking fun pretty fucking quick.

Day three tomorrow.

Night. X

p.s. Thomas Moronic... I think the snorting Uma Thurman gif. pretty much sums up how that cat's soul is feeling as his fur gets brushed by all those disembodied hands.

Misanthrope said...

Dennis, Ah, F Troop. Another I used to watch as wee Misanthrope. Didn't understand it either, hahaha, but I thought it was funny, and I really liked that they had that fort with the big gates, a little city inside the walls. I guess it's part of my underground tunnel loving thing in a strange way.

TV Land is still around. And now there's Cozi TV and ME TV, both of which show "classic" shows. I get see some old Wonder Woman episodes, which I also loved as a kid.

Address, yes. Got it. Now to finagle a way to get these things to you. I've been reading up on it, and it seems that both the US and French customs are dicks. Ugh. I'll figure something out.

Misanthrope said...

Thomas, Excellent number five, my man. I love fucked up shit.

HyeMin Kim said...

Dennis, even if you say you are not interested, I meant to prepare the post, not a big deal. Zizek seems more typically weird nowadays, while I don't follow news about him. I briefly googled about him, today, after reading ps. Were you a fan of his ever in any period? Interesting. But that's better than people who wrote lengthy anti-zizek articles, taking a lot of time only to be against zizek. Weird world, I don't get it. I'm off to read Paul Celan, even though RB deadlines are pretty close.

Mr TM, I don't think I understand your world well, but this 5th one is my favorite. It looks almost natural.

kier said...

love the day thomas!!!

alan! hey!

hi dennis, i will definitely take a photo of fabeldyrene or what's left or not of it. yeah my day was scary in a good way. lots to think about. now i'm going to work. how was your day?

Thomas Moronic said...

Thanks everyone! Sorry for my slowness - I've been away for a few days with less than reliable internet. Glad some people enjoyed this. Cheers!