Saturday, August 29, 2015

Drunks, a stumbling novella (for Zac)





p.s. Hey. ** H, Hi. I enjoy and envy your having seen the Roussell show, obviously. For some reason, I'm not surprised it's a small space. Maybe the cramped checklist suggested that or something. It's interesting why one seems to inherently gets along with some people and not with others. Very mysterious. I like it. McNally's is a curious store, yeah. Here and there. I like it overall, though. Very good reading/author event series there generally. ** Tosh Berman, Hi, Tosh. I'm so happy you so liked the post. Yeah, writers don't get better than Roussell. I think I saw on FB that someone said there will be catalog? Or did I read that the catalog is the one that you already have? Can't remember. Have a lovely weekend on the island. ** David Ehrenstein, And out to lunchly magnificent too. ** _Black_Acrylic, Howdy, Ben. No, apparently it's quite a small gallery space, so I guess it must have been stuffed. Roussell is super great, and a fine-toothed comb is almost a necessity with him. ** Steevee, Ah, 'good' old built-up ear wax. Well, yes, a second opinion would seem to be most in order. Yikes. Look forward to your review. Everyone, here's Steevee's review of Alex Ross Perry’s new film 'Queen of Earth' ** Thomas Moronic, Hi, T. Really great to get to talk to you yesterday! My day was pretty cool, I think. Yeah, I think so. How cool was yours? ** Jonathan, J-ster! I saw that about your show on FB! So awesome! Really excited to get to see what you exhibit there at whatever distance, imposed flatness, and resolution I can get. And to hear what your performance contribution will be. Do, do film whatever the sucker ends up being, yeah? 'Baguette in le petit Versailles du Marais': Don't know it at all. I'm off on a pre-planned pastry and chocolates gathering mission today, so I will map my sojourn such that I pass by that joint. Thanks! Playlist by you. I'm immediately there. Oh, wow, Lane Relyea. I probably told you that he and I are old friends. And he was one of Zac's teachers when Zac was at Northwestern University. I love Lane. Give him some kind of hug or verbal equivalent from me if you get the chance. Everyone, visual artist extraordinaire and blog pal Jonathan Mayhew has made a mix-tape in regards to an upcoming exhibition. I can vouch for Jonathan's exquisite musical tastes, so, naturally, I think you would be a fool not to listen to what he has mixed. And you can do that here. And, while you're at it, flesh out your listening experiencing by seeing what the exhibition in question is all about. The show is called 'Out There, Thataway'. Quote: 'The exhibition takes its title from the last words spoken at the end of "Star Trek: The Motion Picture": they are Kirk’s vague but determined directions as the Enterprise begins to venture further out than ever before beyond known frontiers.' Okay, that should get you to click this and see what the deal is, no? Thanks about the film premiere. I'm excited and nervous as hell. I'm working on notes for the TV pilot right now, and then, when Zac, who's away, gets back, we'll start writing the pilot episode. It's going to be wacky. The English premiere of 'TVC' is in Geneva next week. Z. and I are going there for it. So far, after a strange initial glitch in Hamburg, the piece, which just played in Zurich, seems to be going gangbusters. I liked that Tao/Mira book too, yeah. Very funny, etc. Aw, that was such a fun day at Disneyland. Man, you gotta get over here for a visit or residency or both asap! ** √Čtienne, Hi. Oh, you're around for a while. Awesome if you can make it to the premiere. I'll be a nervous wreck, but it would be cool to meet, obviously. I walk around in circles all the time. Paris makes the best circles. Where are your classes and what are they? ** Krayton, Hey, bud! So is this the new written thing that you were talking about the last we were talking? Must be, right? I'll read every inch as soon as I have an internal inch meaning this weekend. Yay! Everyone, maestro Krayton, formerly known around here as the legendary Keaton, has a new piece of writing up on his blog where he states his name as Kreayton. As usual with him, his piece seems to have two titles. One is 'CHENGIS' and the other is 'Love Will Break Your Heart'. I guess you either choose the title you like the best or you mush them together into one meta-title. Main thing is, you should read the titled thing. Here it is. ** Misanthrope, Hi, G. The idea that Stewart could be in a coma without us reading about it 24/7 on our newsfeeds is a really nice idea. Except for the 'him being in a coma' part. I'll make sure to watch my back the next time I run into Lesnar. Thanks for the tip. ** Bill, Hi, Bill. That Mike Kuchar thing sounds wonderful. I hope he loads those new pieces up on youtube or somewhere. How's your weekend looking? Do you get to be 100% you? ** Okay. I decided to give the Saturday berth over to my new literary gif work. I hope that those of you who are interested in my literary gif work will enjoy it, and I hope that those of you who've shown yourselves to be uninterested in my literary gif work won't get hit in the heads by a frisbee this weekend. See you on Monday.